News from Friesland from 11 July | Sigrid Kaag on new nitrogen calculation: ‘Not finished and incomplete’ & man from Leek confesses to the murder of Mieke Oort in Leeuwarden

According to Minister Sigrid Kaag (Finance), a new nitrogen calculation that should show that farmers must reduce their nitrogen emissions much less than expected is ‘incomplete and incomplete’. That and more in our overview of the most important news from the past 24 hours.

According to the calculation, agriculture needs one cut a quarter to half less nitrogen if the Netherlands reaches all climate goals.

Again unrest among farmers: Monday morning reported NRC that the Ministry of Finance has calculated that there will be less nitrogen reduction if the Netherlands complies with the climate agreements. Because if more Dutch people start running on electricity, closing coal-fired power plants and factories reduce CO2 emissions, it will automatically lead to significantly less nitrogen emissions.

Man from Porre confesses ‘Tinder murder’ to the American student Mieke Oort (21) in Leeuwarden

A 27-year-old man from Leek has confessed to killing 21-year-old American student Mieke Oort in Leeuwarden in March. This is confirmed by his lawyer Robert Snorn up for a first pro forma hearing on Tuesday.

According to Snorn, the suspect ‘broadly’ admitted that he was responsible for the fatal stabbing early in the morning on Sunday 6 March in a student house on Tweebaksmarkt in Leeuwarden. “A number of details may still legally disagree,” the lawyer says.

Man from Wolvega uses mourning card for deceased woman to insult nursing home

A 77-year-old man from Wolvega used the mourning cards for his deceased wife to to offend others. The judge wrongly ruled on Monday.

After his wife’s death on December 2, the suspect was given five hundred funeral cards printed and distributed, stating that the nursing home Talma Hûs in Feanwâlden had slowly killed his demented wife. In the same context, an official and a board member of the CDA in Weststellingwerf – daughter of the deceased woman – were mentioned. According to the suspect, they would have been responsible for his wife being “locked in” at the nursing home.

RUG Leeuwarden also in the Friesland Bank building in Leeuwarden

A research group affiliated with the University of Groningen moves into the former Friesland Bank building in Leeuwarden. The opening is for the fall.

It gives the building, recognizable on the distinctive dome, the first new tenant after ten years of vacancy. The research group BirdEyes will be on the second floor. BirdEyes, an initiative of Theunis Piersma, Professor of Migratory Bird Ecology, and the University of Groningen, conducts broad research in climate change.

Small wind turbines are advancing now that Leeuwarden allows them in the countryside

It will be small wind turbines in the near future many villages around Leeuwarden are being built

Permission has now been granted for two specimens in Grou and in recent months applications have also been received from Hijum, Koarnjum, Wergea and Reduzum. These are wind turbines with a maximum height of 15 meters, as they are often seen in the Groningen landscape.

More in the news:

* Drenthe Henk Bleker is happy to respond to the news online and always does so under his own name. Until his account on suddenly turns out to be blocked on Friday. The reason? His username is ‘inappropriate’. “Maybe they think I’m pretending to be my second cousin.”

* On the quay behind a house at Skuorrereed in Mantgum is Monday morning a yacht largely burnt out

* Employment agency Werktijd, with branches in Heerenveen, Buitenpost, Wolvega and Sneek, is acquired by Abeos Uitzend Holding – a traditional agricultural agency.

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