Offers, offers and more offers on the Dutch ICT market

In recent weeks, Computable has again received several acquisition and investment notices. This leads to the following overview with news about Buckaroo and Sepay, Nerds & Company, Randstad, Spinpanel and N-Able, Forque and Vionq, Quercis, Happy Horizon and Get Hooked and Shopworks. There were also start-up investments in We.Vestr, Closure and Cooper Pet Care.

Buckaroo, Nerds & Company and Randstad

– The Dutch online payment processor Buckaroo takes sepay over, a provider of ATMs (point of sale solutions for both mobile and fixed terminals) from The Hague. Sepay currently serves more than 13,500 customers with a strong positioning in the retail sector in the Benelux and Germany.

French investor Keensight Capital, which joined Buckaroo at the end of last year, has made the acquisition financially feasible as part of the company’s ambitious growth strategy. Recently, Sisow was also acquired, a payment provider for SMEs in the Benelux.

Geeks & Society from Enschede stands on its own two feet again. investor Quadrum Capital came on the scene in 2016 to help the software developer grow faster. Now that it has succeeded, the management has expressed the ambition to continue under its own auspices. The shares have been taken over by technical director Johan Bruning and creative director Timar Holtkamp. Founders Tim Klein Robbenhaar and Thijs Geerdink are also shareholders.

Nerds & Company’s activities include the design and construction of custom applications, user-friendly learning platforms, self-service portals and the digitization of business processes.

Randstad stores in Australia and take it Final group about. This company, which is also active in New Zealand, specializes in technology recruitment, IT consulting and a wide range of other IT services. Finite works with both permanent employees and freelancers

This acquisition will further strengthen Randstad’s position as an IT recruiter in the IT sector in Australia and New Zealand. The employment service is already active in both countries under the company brands Randstad Technologies, Aurec and Chalfont.

Spinpanel, Forque / Vionq and Quercis

– The US Microsoft Azure cloud service provider N-Able keep an eye on rotating panel from Rosmalen. Founded in 2015, this spin-off of Computron provides a multi-tenant platform for Microsoft partners that enables them to sell, implement, manage and automate cloud solutions to their SMB customers.

According to N-able, the potential for cloud computing may be undermined by the increasing complexity of IT environments, combined with labor shortages. With Spinpanel on board, cloud service providers have access to a wider range of IT management and security solutions.

– Afa’s partners forque and Vionq merge with effect from 24 June. The merger of the two companies with offices in Enter, Vianen and Eindhoven creates an Afas implementation partner with over twenty-five years of experience and around 90 employees.

The new organization is to be formed into a holding company, of which both parties will own fifty percent. Both Forque and Vionq continue so far with their own names. To begin with, scaling is mainly used in the background. The business activities will be integrated in the coming months.

– Exact partner Quercis from Eindhoven has changed owners through a management buy-out, namely Dirk Acda, Martijn Brants and Jan Schoneville. They take over after the founders Ronald van Kessel and Raymond Kok. They remain as advisors to the company, which was started in 2006 and employs about 25 people.

Quercis is an Exact Gold Partner. With Exact and its own software, the company focuses on medium-sized organizations (25-500 employees) in business services, trade, healthcare and education.

Happy Horizon and ShopWorks

– The digital agency Get hooked from ‘s-Hertogenbosch is the next reinforcement of Happy horizon† With this company, the digital marketing group strengthens its position in the North Brabant region. Happy Horizon is already active around Eindhoven and Tilburg.

Get Hooked is already the sixth acquisition this year. The office group, which originally comes from Eindhoven, now has more than 600 employees.

– Utrecht e-commerce agency ShopWorks is merged with its Polish counterpart strix† Both agencies focus on designing, building and improving e-commerce solutions based on Shopware, Adobe Commerce (Magento) and Shopify (Plus) technology. The merger creates a specialized e-commerce agency with more than 160 employees. The customers come from the Netherlands, Poland, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom.

ShopWorks was founded in 2011 and has over thirty employees. The company was recently named Shopware’s only Platinum Partner in the Netherlands. Strix has been in existence for thirteen years and employs about 130 people from Krakow and Warsaw.

Startups We.Vestr, Closure and Cooper Pet Care

we.vestroan Amsterdam-based equity management platform is also an Amsterdam-based one venture rock 2.2 million euros in an early funding round. It offers a digital environment for the complete lifecycle management of startups: from incorporation, financing rounds, upscaling to exit. The platform is not only suitable for startup founders, investors can also use the tool to manage their portfolio in a digital and unified environment.

We.Vestr uses the capital to expand further in Europe and to enter the Asian and Australian markets. The company was founded in 2020 and currently has about twenty employees in five different countries.

– Investors Rabobank and Borski Fonden has invested 1.5 million in the Rotterdam startup Closure† This platform helps to cancel subscriptions in case of death. In addition to Borski Fund and Rabobank, shareholders are also participating in this second round of financing from the outset. This investment will primarily be used to expand the team and roll out to other European countries.

Heirs indicate the companies with which subscriptions are to be terminated or taken over, and Closure carries out these requests. Via a weekly update and a personal dashboard, the heir is kept informed of the process at all times. For this, the company uses machine learning techniques in a specially developed software-as-a-service solution. Closure was founded by Chantal van der Velde and Graciëlla van Vliet. The startup now works with more than two hundred undertakers and several subscription providers such as: T-Mobile, Unicef, Interpolis, OV-Chipkaarten Knab.

Cooper Pet Care announces today that it has raised nine hundred thousand euros from the startup incubator Antlersthe – originally Ukrainian – investment company Flyer One Ventures and some other investors. Amsterdam startup offers an innovative online veterinary service (TeleVet) that connects pet owners with certified veterinarians at the touch of a button.

The Cooper Pet Care platform also offers an artificial intelligence (AI) symptom checker that enables rapid symptom triage and immediate next steps. Cooper Pet Care was founded in 2021 by Michael Fisher and Pavel Timofeev after participating in the Antler Amsterdam program in 2020.

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