Tips for finding suitable products for dropshipping

Dropshipping is extremely popular and is no longer unknown territory for more and more entrepreneurs. Technology is gaining momentum, and that means that you as an entrepreneur must continue to innovate. Dropshipping gives many results for this. It can be done anywhere, has fewer risks and allows you as an entrepreneur to quickly expand your range. If you are hoping to find a list of the best dropshipping products here, we are sorry to disappoint you. What we do, however, is give tips on what to keep in mind when expanding your webshop with dropshipping products. This way you will automatically find out what good dropshipping products are.

1. Focus on low-selling products

You do not sell the best dropshipping products much. It sounds strange, but it makes good sense, because therefore it is nice not to have to make room for it in his warehouse. If you choose products that are often sold, it is usually smarter to build your own warehouse and sell it yourself. You do not want to have to buy products that sell very little. These can be products that people buy once, such as travel items or garden items. Toys and timeless products for the home are also great products for dropshipping. Have you found a category that matches the products in your current webshop? Doing well! You have taken the first step in expanding your range with suitable dropshipping products.

2. Select a wide selection

Dropshipping products that sell a little: it sounds great, but there is also money to be made. No problem! You can achieve this by making your range large enough. By choosing dropshipping, you are not limited to a retail or storage space. This gives you as a webshop owner the opportunity to put together a huge selection. Do the math: If you sell each product once a day with an assortment of a thousand products, then an order per. suddenly millions in annual turnover. Cash!

3. Optimize the product range

Choosing dropshipping does not have to mean that you have to let go of the existing range in your webshop. A big advantage is that you can take a critical look at the current selection. Which products sell a little and have high purchasing costs? Or are there products that take up a lot of space in the warehouse? Check with your supplier if these products can also be delivered via dropshipping. Is this not the case? Then it might be time to try out new products. You can look online at what products people in a category are looking for and respond to them. That way, you let go of what is not working and you can experiment with something new.

4. Check suppliers of products

Sounds simple, expand your product range using dropshipping. Here, however, it can be crucial to choose the right suppliers. If you choose suppliers who are located abroad or are difficult to reach, you increase the chance of disappointed customers. The delivery times for the products are long and the service is not optimal. Are you in doubt about where to start when choosing suppliers? Then it is highly recommended to get help from Droppery. Through Droppery, you can get in touch with experienced suppliers who are completely in line with your brand and product category. With a single click, you send an inquiry to the supplier you want to work with. This way you can find unique suppliers and sell special brands in your dropshipping webshop.

5. Stand behind the products you sell

Dropshipping does not make sales easier. It is important that you know what you are doing and that you are behind your products. When you get questions from customers, it is important that you have sufficient knowledge of the products to answer them. You can still do your best to set everything up in your webshop right, but customer service is the aspect of your webshop where you can really make a difference.

6. These products are less suitable

Okay, we may not have a list of suitable dropshipping products, but we can say something about products that are less suitable. First of all, food and cosmetics are often difficult unless one really has a lot of experience with this. By dropshipping products in these categories, you run the risk that your education about the product is inadequate and that your customers will experience irritation or allergic reactions after using it. Remember that you as a webshop owner are responsible for this.

In addition to food and cosmetics, clothing is also less suitable for dropshipping. This is because you have to deal with a lot of returns. With dropshipping, you as a retailer naturally want to limit storage space and work, and it is extremely difficult with returns. Do you still want to add clothes to your webshop using dropshipping? Then it is smart to choose safe clothing, eg items with print. These come back much less quickly. An extra plus: you immediately have a unique range!

The ultimate tip for products that are great for dropshipping: take a look at the Home & Living segment. Products in this category, and from high quality suppliers such as HSM international, Kick Collection and Dami Living, sell extremely well and meet the requirements for good dropshipping products.

Expand your webshop with dropshipping

Starting with dropshipping seems like an easy way to expand your webshop further. Here it is very important to choose the right products and suppliers. So do not think too lightly about this. Do you want to get started with dropshipping quickly? Visit Droppery’s website. With their SaaS solution, you can easily add suppliers and their products to your webshop. What products do you want to add to your webshop this year?

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