Do not give cybercriminals a chance with a secure server

Technical knowledge

As a company, you must therefore be well aware of the possibilities of technology to prevent this. Elections to this are no longer a matter for the IT department alone. Some technical knowledge must also be present in the boards and in the boardroom.

The right IT choices are also about the continuity of your business. It is about making the right decisions to be ahead of not only the competitors but also the bad guys in this world. It is necessary to have more than basic knowledge of the technology. To be well prepared, for example, it is useful to have knowledge of the terminology. In this article you will sharpen your knowledge about secure servers and their importance.


Secure data starts with a secure infrastructure. The infrastructure must function as expected, but the firmware must also remain secure. Today, many different devices have firmware. Televisions, robotic vacuum cleaners, your laptop, but also servers, they all use firmware. They ensure that the hardware can work properly. This makes firmware extremely important.

Basically, firmware is a form of software. Like all software, firmware is therefore also vulnerable, for example to external attacks from hackers. If a hacker himself is able to access the firmware, he can access the entire system. Does that sound scary? It is. For hackers are getting smarter. And you do not want anyone to take over your system.

Infected longer

Of course, there are all sorts of solutions to this: measures that you can take to prevent yourself from being hacked. Unfortunately, hacks are still often seen as a window being smashed in your office. The alarm goes off and as soon as you walk into the office, you see what’s going on. But it is usually not so obvious.

Many discovered hacks have shown that the system has been infected for much longer. During that time, the hacker quietly looked around. He may have installed malware that makes it work for him. For example, your own system will perform actions that you have not ordered, despite security checks you have built-in.

nothing remarkable

Let’s translate it to the real world. Assume: A transport company equips all its cars with sensors that transmit the location. The company can therefore immediately see if a car leaves the region. This tells the company that something is wrong. It’s the security check. But suppose the car does nothing remarkable? He just keeps driving in circles in that region. Only after a long time is it discovered by accidental check that the car is being used to transport stolen goods.

How could the company have prevented this? One way is to run automatic checks before each trip. Is there proper access to the vehicle? Does the driver meet the characteristics that the company has validated? Does the route run correspond to schedules set by the company? If these checks cannot be performed properly, the car locks automatically and cannot drive an inch.

Silicon Root of Trust

This is how it works with the latest servers. With the so-called Silicon Root of Trust, only trusted firmware is loaded on the server. This is registered in the hardware. In the event of a hack, the procedure is often to return the system to the previous, uninfected version, if still possible.

With Silicon Root of Trust in combination with Lights Out Management, the server automatically returns to its pristine state as soon as it detects that something is not right. For example, malware does not stand a chance.

Digital fingerprint

You can think of it as a digital fingerprint. If the firmware fingerprint does not match what is recorded in the hardware, everything is restored automatically. Any difference in the fingerprint, no matter how small, triggers this action.

The future of cybersecurity

Server solutions like these are the future of cybersecurity and are designed to deal with rapidly evolving cyber threats. Attackers are constantly finding new ways to attack infrastructures, applications and devices. Want to know more about the latest opportunities? The specialists at Dustin can tell you all about it.

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