House of HR: Growth continues

Eat or be eaten seems to be the substitute sector’s motto in 2022. For FlexTopGroeier House of HR, it’s definitely food. Rika Coppens, CEO of the Belgian company, on the continued growth.

Since the Belgian House of HR entered the market as a small temp agency in 1995, it has grown into the parent company of now fifty temp firms, fifteen of them in the Netherlands. And the growth continues.

The explanation for the good Dutch growth figures is obvious. Coppens: “We have made major acquisitions. Cohedron, a full-service provider in the public sector, was a major acquisition. It is a conscious strategy to want to grow in the public sector because it provides stability. ” Earlier that year, the subsidiary Continu bought Solyne, a project agency that mainly advises government institutions throughout the Netherlands, including in the public sector. Coppens will also remain on the takeover path in 2022: a German IT posting company and the Amsterdam care posting company TMI joined the family this year – “IT and healthcare had been on our wish list for a while”.

In the turnover category> 500 million euros,
House of HR the fastest growing in the Flexmarket Revenue ranking Top-100 with a revenue growth of 45% (revenue 2021: € 878 million).

FlexTopGrowers 2022

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“In addition to these acquisitions,” Coppens continues, “we have also grown very strongly in our existing companies – Continu, Redmore, Covebo. The growth figures have surprised us positively.”
As CEO, Coppens is personally involved in any acquisition. “We have a wish list with interesting competitors, of companies that stand out for us in the market. Companies also report to us spontaneously. Then we will see if there is a fit. ” House of HR has the choice of candidates and can afford the luxury of strict criteria. “They have to be players who have grown very fast and are better than the market in terms of profitability. We are also looking for specialized companies that are located in a specific niche. ”

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Revenue increased to DKK 2.2 billion

The Belgian company House of HR started in 1995 as a small temp agency and now has about ten independently operating platforms. In the Netherlands, these are Continu (construction and technology), consultant Redmore, employment agency Covebo, which employs workers from Eastern Europe, Cohedron, a full-service provider in the public sector and care posting TMI. Due to independent growth and acquisitions, revenue increased by almost € 400 million to € 2.2 billion in 2021.

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Only strong organizations

An acquisition does not always go through, says Coppens. “For example, a CEO wants to leave and sell and integrate his entire business with us. We do not want that. Another criterion is that a company can operate independently and that the management remains on board. Sometimes the time is not there yet. Then the CEO is still looking for new management. Then we say: First, make sure that you are strong enough as an organization and that you function well as an independent. We’ll be back in a year to see you again. “

Finally, the feeling that there is a cultural fit must prevail. It may seem vague, but Coppens is resolute about it. “We want to see a certain entrepreneurial spirit, a driving force to go after it. We prefer entrepreneurs who say: I want to make my business twice as big in three to five years, and I want you to help me with that. Like-minded companies do not mean that we all celebrate the same parties and have the same logo. Our companies operate very independently and are unique. Posting in the care sector is a different type of company than a traditional temp agency like Covebo. Above all, we want “that things must be right on the essentials. that we all form a quality brand.”

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