Joint project to train professional installers in Mexico

As more and more advanced covered cultivation projects are launched in Mexico, the business platform HortiConnect NL has officially launched a comprehensive joint project with Plantanova, Van der Valk Horti Systems and Ludvig Svensson that gives Mexican growers access to the latest screens, ventilation and insects. protection.

In collaboration with Horticonnect, the first two teams of installers are currently being trained under expert guidance by Sander Zwinkels. These teams are intended to be able to independently perform technical installations throughout Mexico, in accordance with the standards of the above companies.

About standards
The training takes place in the installations of Plantanova, a young nursery in central Mexico that is improving its installations in synergy with several Dutch companies, with the aim of not only providing high quality grafted vegetable plants, but also adapting technologies that can be useful. to other plant propagating agents.

Pharis Rico is the general manager of both HortiConnect and Plantanova. “One of our goals is to enable what I call the ‘Dutch capabilities’ in Mexico. As we upgrade our facilities, we can also use the Plantanova facility for training, technology testing and customization, making the Dutch capabilities suitable for Mexican. “Once a good solution has been found, the team enters the market and Plantanova can act as a showcase where the quality of our facilities says more than our words.”

HortiConnect was recently named the exclusive distributor of Van der Valk Horti Systems in Mexico. “They produce systems for mounting and operating screens and ventilation systems, which are specially tailored to Mexican needs. On the other hand, Ludvig Svensson is a frontrunner as a supplier of textile materials for climate screens, insect screens and most recently also ventilation equipment. Via Hinova ‘Salt and pepper’ is reflected also in the technical support, “says Pharis.” These products are complementary. Still, the installation was the missing key piece in the puzzle. ”

That’s why HortiConnect provides start-up capital for two young entrepreneurs and their teams, and they support their training and the necessary procurement. Luis Arturo Garcia is the commercial leader of this project. “We train the teams at the Plantanova location so that they can work independently and, if necessary, also intervene in larger projects. HortiConnect also ensures that there is a spare parts warehouse available so that growers can respond quickly to growers’ wishes.” says Pharis.

Support growth
The creation and training of these technical teams is the result of collaboration between horticultural companies, which together have a wealth of expertise that will help the Mexican horticulture sector grow. “The great thing about this project is that we work in full synergy with Van der Valk and Svensson, to the extent that Svensson has appointed Luis Alberto Tapia as a specialist who will provide support in Mexico for all projects where an installation is required. . The technician Sander Zwinkels from Van der Valk will train the employees, and he will initially be present at all projects where HortiConnect is involved, and he will ensure that the work of these installers follows Van der Valk’s and Svensson’s standards. “

Although a lot is already happening, these are only the first steps, because there is an end goal. “The ultimate goal is that we, together with Van der Valk and Svensson, establish a certification course where any installer can be trained and certified according to these standards, so that the installations can be made in Mexico itself,” says Pharis.

Historically, the horticultural sector in Mexico has mainly been classified as mid-tech or high-tech. “With this partnership, we aim to give the market ‘righttech’ based on the needs of different areas,” Pharis said. “I’m really happy about that, because this project was born out of a collaboration between different companies, which is rolling up its sleeves and hiring talented people from the different companies. It is also the plan that in the near future, together with other companies, access to design, knowledge transfer and technical support related to specific crops and situations. “

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