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No country can be governed by an inferiority complex. Because if you do not like to dance, they will teach you to dance like a monkey. People will then dance, but it will not become custom. And then they will ridicule you enormously and they will have had you where they wanted you. We see that many things in the country that seem good are moving in the direction of success and progress is failing. This is partly due to the fact that the coalition does not have control over its own agenda. They do, but they are also driven by the emotions of the opposition, which still has a good media team.

In the end, projects do not move forward, investors are banned from the country. Suriname does not benefit from it, but it is good for the opposition. It does not even have to advertise, its work is done by the opposition itself.

For example, the electricity prices applicable from June 2022 have been published.

The increase in electricity prices in June is 15% and in October this year again by 10%. The Danish Energy Agency should have a supervisory task, but what exactly they want to monitor is not known. It is striking that EBS was never investigated. It is striking that people from the top of the EBS, who have been part of the wrong system, take turns sitting on the lap of the government. Several reports have been written justifying a study by EBS.

That screening must first be performed before it is necessary to increase energy rates. We see that the government does not have the courage to carry out the screening. Generally it happens when it is stopped by people giving advice. The delivery of the generators and materials purchased far above the normal price has now also been covered. So the increase in EBS ‘prices is not part of a plan to make the company healthy, it is just part of a plan to continue the unhealthy system.

The poor who earn the minimum wage pay the price. The question arises as to how it is that the foreclosure does not start. It can also all have to do with political inputs that actors have in the political system, including disease sponsors. We believe that it is popular deception to claim that so-called poor pay less. The increased prices that will arise as a result of the rise in electricity prices will still be pushed through their throats in the form of retail prices and for the services they have to pay for. There are also many objections, especially from small businesses. The medium and small and also the micro-enterprises are now literally working on paying their electricity bills with what they earn.

The current administration has campaigned on scandals from the previous administration. These scandals have not been resolved and it is not yet clear how billions have disappeared from our treasury. In this context, no technical assistance has been requested from countries that have the capacity to conduct financial investigations. However, there are also scandals under the current government, such as recently where the government bought land for a select group of state resources. The owners do not come forward openly, but hide behind all sorts of funds. The names were subsequently made known by researchers living and working outside Suriname, but there was no response from the Surinamese government. There is corruption and people pay for it while heavily burdened by high prices, not to mention fuel. The system is now stuck, and is it because everyone who knew something is on the payroll and has to shut up in return?

Here too, we will be aware of the notification obligation notified by the government for goods. This policy of always reporting is perceived as a business-unfriendly policy by the entrepreneurs. The government thinks it will bring prices under control, but it is based on a misunderstanding. This only happens in communist states or countries with an authoritarian military regime.

The emphasis in the modern economy should be more on market forces. The government should promote efficient market forces instead of adopting the “police system” model. Such measures are only taken when one is in a panic and does not know how to proceed. Some companies have hundreds of items. A small nut is already an object. The system of police work has never succeeded, because in the long run there will not be enough people to check everything. What needs to be promoted is the ease of doing business. This will lead to healthy competition and will automatically equalize prices.

To make it easier to do business, there is still a lot of work to be done and it will start with a lot of legislation that still needs to be changed. It would have already been mapped, but now the process needs to get underway to complete everything.

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