The 4 most promising entrepreneurs in 2022 (according to EY)

EY has announced the finalists for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year, an annual competition and the search for the year’s most promising, fast-growing and innovative entrepreneur.

EY Entrepreneur Of The Year has been organized in our country since the late 1990s and has produced a large number of well-known winners. Think of Atilay Uslu (Corendon), Pieter Zwart (Coolblue), Michiel Muller (Picnic), Henk Jan Beltman (Tony’s Chocolonely), Derek Roos (Mendix), Roland Kahn (Coolcat) and Jan-Renier Swinkels (Bayern).

In this year’s edition, four (completely different) entrepreneurs compete for the title. Sharon Hilgers owns a webshop for jewelery, Marinka Nooteboom runs a large transport company, Arend Kuperus is active in the world of agriculture with JOZ, and Jurrien van Dijk is the top man for a specialist in car financing.

Sharon Hilgers

Sharon Hilgers is the CEO of My Jewelery. Starting in 2011 as a webshop for jewelery, accessories, clothing and gifts, under her leadership it has grown into an international company with 600 employees. My Jewelery now has 26 physical stores spread across the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany and France and can be one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the Netherlands.

It is Hilgers’ ambition to “continue solid growth, where all employees contribute to building the brand with the same inherent passion.” Thus, she wants to “establish a healthy business that can continue to grow in a sustainable way and where people have a comfortable workplace.”

Jurrien van Dijk

Jurriën van Dijk is the CEO of, an intermediary that brings together SMEs, car companies and financiers through a platform with a wide range of cars.

The company offers car financing to entrepreneurs, sells cars to car companies and delivers profitable leasing volume to financiers. Earlier in his career, Van Dijk was director of Van Oord Groep and worked in various sales and account management roles.

With, Van Dijk wants to “radically optimize the customer journey in the buying and financing process for SMEs, car companies and financiers by using smart techniques and skilled people.”

Eagle Kuperus

Arend Kupers is the CEO of JOZ BV, a company that provides innovative solutions for more efficient fertilization, smarter feeding and circular agriculture to livestock farmers worldwide.

Kuperus and his team are committed to bringing new and smart solutions to the market. Solutions that relieve the livestock user create freedom, relieve the environment and focus on the cow. This seeks to add value to every link in the agricultural sector, both nationally and internationally.

Marinka Nooteboom

Having already been chosen as Business Woman of the Year 2022 earlier this year (in conjunction with the Prix Veuve Clicquot, Bold Woman Award), the director of the Koninklijke Nooteboom Group is now again eligible for an award.

Since 2012, Nooteboom has led the successful family business of designing, producing and delivering sustainable transport solutions for exceptional road transport. These are trailers for, for example, the transport of construction machinery, bridge parts, crane parts and wind turbine blades. The company is active in more than 100 countries.

Nooteboom’s mission is “to be the most customer-oriented specialist transport partner delivering intelligent, innovative and sustainable transport solutions”. The company’s future strategy is centered around four pillars: innovation, serviceability, sustainability and agility.

The election for EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2022 is arranged in collaboration with Van Lanschot Kempen.

The winner will be announced on October 12, 2022. He can then represent the Netherlands in the global EY World Entrepreneur Of The Year election in the state of Monaco.

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