Three Kempen companies establish a festival for staff: “Our common goal is to let our employees and partners enjoy” (Hulshout)

How does a company honor its employees and partners after two corona years? With a festival, the three Kempen employers, who together arrange Vlinvestival, reason. “First and foremost, we would like to thank our employees and partners for their efforts over the past months and years,” says Johan Van Loo from Vlinvesta. “But people from the neighborhood can also get a ticket. In that way, we try to bring Kempen together. ”

Metejoor can also be seen at work in Westmeerbeek at the end of this month. © TOTZ

Buggy course

The festival lasts for two days. On Saturday 30 July, Natalia, 2Fabiola and Sylver will visit, among others. “We see Sunday 31 July as a family day. After Camille’s appearance you can meet her during one meet and greet† A true teenage dream for many ”, says Johan Van Loo. Then follow tops like Metejoor, Cleymans & Van Geel and Regi. There is also no shortage of animation. Bouncy castles, a horse mill, bumper cars: you’ll find it all at Vlinvestival. Thanks to the team of Bistro La Corbeille and several food trucks food lovers do not be hungry. “

Johan Van Loo from Vlinvesta at the La Corbeille site in Westmeerbeek.

Johan Van Loo from Vlinvesta at the La Corbeille site in Westmeerbeek. © Dirk Vertommen

The three companies each have several stands at the festival. “We developed a real buggy track on the site. Anyone who dares can take a ride,” says Joël Van Dyck from Marcel van Dyck Belgium. The company is an importer and distributor of machines for gardens and parks, agriculture and forestry and for road maintenance. .

A giant Kitchenaid can be seen on the stand of Kitchen Van Lommel. Festival goers can take part in a competition. They can win a Kitchenaid, but a smaller version, «reports Stefan Van Lommel from the company of the same name.

Accommodation recreation

Vlinvesta is planning several activities with its subsidiaries. Companies like Tervia’s, Van Loo Projects, Bistro La Corbeille, Groep Wouters and Tryba come under Vlinvesta’s wings. “As an entrepreneurial company, we primarily want to focus on the diversity of jobs we can offer,” says Johan Van Loo. “We have a suitable vacancy in one of our subsidiaries for everyone in the neighborhood, with any profile.”

With Regi on the bill, there will no doubt be many hands up during Vlinvestival.

With Regi on the bill, there will no doubt be many hands up during Vlinvestival. © jvdv

The festival takes place at the former campsite Nieuw Paradijs. It has been part of Vlinvesta’s portfolio since this year. “With the development of the La Corbeille site, we have transformed an abandoned factory in Westmeerbeek into a new modern SME zone,” says Van Loo. “We are going to make the reference to overnight recreation in Kempen from the campsite that was once seen as the New Paradise. We are constantly looking for such opportunities and want to invest in entrepreneurs and companies that want to grow sustainably on an economic and human level. ”

Ten thousand visitors

The three companies together have more than 400 employees. They expect almost ten thousand visitors spread over the two festival days. “80% of the tickets are distributed among the companies’ employees, customers and direct contacts,” says Van Loo. “The companies on the Corbeille website received, among other things, two tickets each, but they could also subscribe to different partner formulas.”

The exact cost of Vlinvestival keeps Van Loo vague. “The budget is significant, but our staff is worth it, so are our customers,” he says with a wink.

The idea seems to have stuck with the staff. “I think it’s a great initiative,” says Lisa Van Den Broeck. She has only recently been employed as a communications employee at Vlinvesta. “Of course, it is not every day that the company you work for arranges a festival with names like Natalia and Regi. You feel very appreciated by it. ”

If you do not have a free ticket, but still want to come to Vlinvestival with friends or family, you can book tickets online. It costs 35 euros.

Visitors can meet Camille for a meeting & be greeted.

Visitors can meet Camille for a meeting & be greeted. “A true teenage dream for many,” say the organizers. © rr

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