Climate investment platform raises € 1.8 million in start-up funding to accelerate investment in cutting-edge climate technology


Carbon Equity, the climate investment platform that enables private investors to invest in climate technology, has together with top investment experts raised DKK 1.8 million. EUR in a new investment round, led by 4Impact VC and prominent Dutch and German angel investors, including the founders of SkyNRG and Bloomon.

Carbon Equity is the world’s first digital platform that enables private investors to co-invest in the world’s best climate venture capital and private equity funds. These types of funds are typically only available to professional investors or ultra-rich, because investors often need to invest at least a few million to participate. Carbon Equity brings together private investors – allowing them to invest in top funds from as little as € 100,000 at Carbon Equity.

“By investing in a fund, you can retire from the top experts’ investment and domain knowledge and benefit from much greater investment diversification – because you are not investing in a single company, but a basket of companies. The risk profile of investing is therefore much lower than for angling investments or crowd equity, ”says Jacqueline van den Ende, CEO of Carbon Equity.

According to Carbon Equity, climate technology plays a crucial role in realizing the energy transition. Think of companies like Plantible, a company that makes vegetable proteins from Lemna, also known as duck food, but also companies like Boston Metal, which electrifies steel production, Form Energy, which makes giant batteries, or Umiami, which produces vegetable chicken breast.

“In the coming years, you will see a huge demand for CO2-free alternatives from consumers, businesses and governments,” according to Jacqueline van den Ende. “This is driving a historically large wave of innovation across all sectors.” By investing in Carbon Equity funds, you can put your capital to work with real effect – and also achieve solid financial returns, says Jacqueline.

Carbon Equity will use the funding to further expand its customer base, expand internationally and introduce a new program where investors can invest as little as € 10,000.

“I have devoted my entire career to energy conversion,” said Theye Veen, founder and CEO of SkyNRG and angel investor in Carbon Equity. My mantra has always been ‘Put your money where your mouth is’. Carbon Equity is the perfect platform for individuals to invest with real impact together with the world’s most professional investment teams. The Carbon Equity team is young, full of energy and deeply committed to building a sustainable future with capital.

Capital is a building block with which one can literally build the future, according to Jacqueline van den Ende. “My dream is that everyone will eventually invest capital – which has nothing to do with your bank account – on a large scale to solve the world’s biggest challenges and at the same time create value for your own future, both in terms of financial returns and a habitable planet. . Very practical – when you retire ”

About Carbon Equity

Carbon Equity is an investment platform that makes it possible to invest small amounts in the best private climate funds worldwide. Carbon Equity selects the best performing funds from hundreds of funds based on their documented climate impact and economic performance. Carbon Equity wants to drastically lower the threshold for participation so that many more can use their capital against climate change – but also with an attractive economic return. Carbon Equity is aimed at the next generation of investors, family offices, young entrepreneurs and top professionals who like to have an impact on the climate and are looking for an attractive return.

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