De Jonge sticks to the date of the gas boiler law

Minister Hugo de Jonge from Wonen adheres to the date of 1 January 2023 for the introduction of the Gas Boiler Act. In the past, Techniek Nederland has sent a letter to the Minister expressing their concern about whether the deadline is being met. The deadline for introducing the gas heating law has already been postponed four times.

There is still a lot to do until 1 January 2023. In June last year, the certification schemes for InstallQ, Kiwa and the Dutch fireplace and stove industry (NHK) were approved by the Dutch Accreditation Council (RvA) and the Building Quality Assurance Association (TlOKB).

The next step is to re-accredit these certification bodies. That process will probably also take several months and is not expected to start before the summer holidays.

Public campaign

Techniek Nederland writes in its fire letter that there will be no public campaign about the safety of gas boilers. According to the Minister, this is based on a misunderstanding and that a public campaign will be carried out. The sector organization states to its members that it has already in recent years informed about the gas boiler law. They believe it is now the government’s turn to inform gas station owners about the dangers of carbon monoxide and improperly installed central heating boilers.

The public campaign must also make it clear that it is not only unauthorized installers who work on a central heating boiler. Consumers who engage in a non-certified business are also punishable by law. Techniek Nederland is concerned about the enforcement of the gas boiler law. The Association of Dutch Municipalities (VNG) has previously stated that it did not see a role in this.

The Minister believes that enforcement is guaranteed and sees an important role for Techniek Nederland in this. “I assume that the way the system is set up ensures that consumers and installation companies comply with the law in a good way. In addition, it is important that industry associations, such as Techniek Nederland, inform their members about the ban on carrying out work on gas-fired installations from 1 January 2023 without being certified to do so, and that companies in the sector inform their customers about this. ”

Free sale of central heating boilers

In addition, the trade association also wants the free sale of central heating boilers to be restricted. This should only be done by certified companies. De Jonge finds this ‘lock on the door’ superfluous. “My predecessor has commented on this before and we think this is not fair as it will prevent the possibility of buying a device and hire a certified company to install this device. This obstacle is neither reasonable nor necessary to achieve it intended purpose of the system, which is to locate and maintain gas combustion plants in such a way that they can be used safely. “

Despite the differences of opinion, Techniek Nederland welcomes the Minister’s statement that he is still moving towards the introduction of the Gas Boiler Act on 1 January 2023. Chairman Doekle Terpstra: “It is of social importance that this legislation is finally implemented. This means that uncertain situations can be identified more often and earlier, and the number of incidents with carbon monoxide can be reduced. Our entrepreneurs also deserve clarity after so many years of uncertainty and multiple postponements. It should soon be clear that they have not made all their investments in education and crafts for nothing. ”

See the interview about the gas boiler law from VSK Nieuwscafé below.

Download the fire letter from Techniek Nederland below.

Download Minister De Jong’s response to the fire letter below.

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