Help your business grow! 5 things to fix

Where you once started on your own from your attic, you have now grown into a full-fledged company with employees. Something to be very proud of, because you have worked hard for this for years. Day in and day out you were and are there for your customers and employees.

But because of the growth you have been through, there are also more responsibilities. Due to the delusion of the time, many entrepreneurs do not realize that they have gone from being a small one-man business to a full-fledged business, where other matters must also be fixed.

Therefore, we have listed what things you should actually do if your company has more than 10 man-years.

1. Employee Satisfaction Survey
A whole mouthful, but getting an employee satisfaction survey done by a reputable company is a must to keep a close eye on what is going on among your employees. Where with one or two employees you are often still aware of what is going on in the workplace, it changes when more people arrive.

Once you have reached the 10 employees, it becomes harder and harder to keep personal contact. In addition, people do not always dare to say what bothers them. Therefore, do not be afraid of comments and let such employee satisfaction surveys take place regularly. That way, you can timely adjust to conditions that get a lot of criticism.

2. First aid
When there are more people in the workplace, the chance of incidents is also greater. Therefore, make sure that there are always people present who are officially trained emergency officers. It is not only something that is often recommended by insurance companies, but also something that contributes to a comfortable and safe working environment.

3. Development
Actually, it is something you have to take care of for every employee – even if there is only one. But especially as your business grows, you should not lose sight of this. Look not only at the growth of the company, but also at the growth of individual employees.

If you do not have time to think with your employees about the next step in their career, hire an HR employee who is good at this. In any case, offer your staff space to follow courses. This also increases the chance that they will stay and not look for anything else. Also important during this period for labor shortages.

4. All in confidence
Appointing a trusted advisor in the workplace and providing training for this is very important. Unfortunately, intimidation and discrimination are common occurrences. Of course, you want to make sure that your employees can go somewhere with their complaints at any time. People often do not like to do this with the ‘boss’ right away.

Therefore, make sure you have a confidential counselor in the workplace who has a good reputation with everyone. Ideally, you let the staff choose these themselves.

Photo: Canva.

5. Stay in shape
You will of course prefer that the absence among your employees is as low as possible. To achieve this, it is good as a boss to also contribute to this. Therefore, give your employees free fruit in the workplace, ensure a healthy lunch, good chairs and things like standing tables.

An affordable sports subscription and sports excursions can also contribute to healthy employees. As your business grows, it is good to make rules and regulations for this. As a result, employees may become more productive, mentally stronger, and, as mentioned, (probably) less likely to become ill. And they probably like that too. Oh yes, and do not forget yourself either!

In short, growing a business and its revenue is the best thing for an entrepreneur. But this growth also comes with more responsibility, especially in terms of your staff. Do not forget this in sight, because it is very important for the continuity of your company to retain your staff. Invest in the above conditions before it’s too late and your staff will leave for the competition!

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