NPO: research salary proposal Jeroen Pauw and realization Op1

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NPO chairman Frederieke Leeflang asks the Danish Media Authority to investigate a salary proposal that Jeroen Pauw submitted to BNNVARA in 2019. Pauw’s agent suggested in a confidential e-mail in the BNR podcast Koster & Van Dijk’s possession in addition to a presentation contract also to provide a purchase guarantee to the production company TVBV, where Pauw was director at the time. When the broadcaster rejected this proposal because it was in breach of the NPO’s pay rules, TVBV received the production order for the daily talk show Op1 from the same NPO.

The NRC has previously reported extensively on this issue. New is that the podcast makers Koster & Van Dijk have the controversial salary proposal in their hands. This piece was so confidential that it was sent to the then BNNVARA director Gert-Jan Hox’s private e-mail address.

Podcast | Koster and Van Dijk

In the play, Jeroen Pauw’s partner, also on behalf of the presenter, will continue with the Pauw program in 2020. In addition, the presenter would receive full ministerial salary, as stipulated in the Top Income Act, but also a purchase guarantee for his production company worth 500,000 euros.

This piece was so confidential that it was sent to the then BNNVARA director Gert-Jan Hox's private e-mail address.
This piece was so confidential that it was sent to the then BNNVARA director Gert-Jan Hox’s private e-mail address. BNR / Koster & Van Dijk

The NPO obliges the broadcasters to do everything possible to prevent the evasion of the salary cap for presenters of public television. Sources confirm to BNR that BNNVARA director Gert-Jan Hox for this reason informed Jeroen Pauw that he could not accept the popular presenter’s business proposal, in which he would receive a top salary and a purchase guarantee for his company.

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Jeroen Pauw then announced that he would stop his daily talk show. NPO director Frans Klein then instructed Pauw’s company, TVBV, to take over the production of the successor, Op1.

This is to the dismay of BNNVARA, who said it could produce the program itself ‘more efficiently’. KRO-NCRV also refused to cooperate because, according to this broadcaster, TVBV had too much to say on the content.

Big deal

Jeroen Pauw and his collaborator Peter Adrichem reject in a reaction that their proposal was rejected due to a violation of the rules. They also emphasize that in the case of the presentation contract and the purchase guarantee, there were completely ‘separate circumstances’. They also point out that the proposed “agreement” does not constitute a passage. ‘Big deal, no deal,’ says Jeroen Pauw.

Peter Adrichem from TVBV says about the e-mail in which he made the confidential proposal to the TV company: ‘This is an e-mail with a number of proposals from me, as business representative for TVBV, to the director of BNNVARA. I am making these proposals as a representative of a commercial company at one stage of the negotiations. Sometimes I ask 100 and I get 10, sometimes I ask 100 and I get 80. To give you an idea, none of these suggestions came up. In that sense, it’s literally nothing. ‘ Jeroen Pauw’s presentation has never been dependent on any employment for the TVBV company.

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Koster and Van Dijk presented their results, including Jeroen Pauw’s business proposal, in full to Chairman Frederieke Leeflang.

In a reply, she says that she has asked the Commissariat to carry out a formal investigation into the course of events: ‘I believe that the case you are now submitting to me is best assessed by an independent supervisor. Therefore, I have decided to ask the Danish Media Authority to also be aware of the case you have presented to me in the recently announced study. I think this is the right way to get the clarity you asked for; I will refer it to the Supervisor, who is authorized to investigate this. ‘

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