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Rick Huijzer (23) has been active in the IT department at DCA Multimedia for over 5 years. During his application development education at ROC in Hilversum, Rick ended up at DCA as an intern. He has now been in permanent employment for more than 3 years. As a Developer, he is involved in internal and external projects, where he is responsible for the development of computer systems and apps.

Rick is committed to achieving beautiful and successful results. “I get energy from my colleagues and fun projects that really contribute to someone’s work or privacy. These are beautiful and interesting ICT projects that also look interesting to the end user.”

How did you end up at DCA Multimedia?
“At that time I ended up here through an internship, and that’s how I stayed here. It appealed to me that there is a small team active in the company, also in the IT department. The vacancy promised me a lot of freedom, and I got a lot of freedom. to work here. which deals with implementations and conditions, a lot of “power” over your own projects. This has been abundantly fulfilled, also during my internship. The moment I got a good idea, I got the freedom to implement it. As an intern , especially in ICT it is not always obvious and therefore super fun! Later that freedom only increased. ”

What gives you energy in your work?
“As I said, I get excited about working on projects. What I also like is making sure everything works well in the background, that the algorithm is good in the background. Sometimes it seems to colleagues that I do ‘nothing’, ‘Rick presses a few symbols and then he claims it’s faster and better’, but I get excited about this kind of computer science and I get a lot of energy from the good contacts with my colleagues.

The collaboration within the ICT department is going well; You see each other often, and if something is wrong, you pull someone’s sleeve or you call each other and you have a quick answer. There is no hierarchical consultation structure in this. In my opinion, this is different from a very large IT team. The mutual cooperation is good and informal, and I find that very pleasant. Across departments, it’s actually the same, it’s going very well. The nice thing about this is that the structure is pretty flat. We do not have manager on manager. If something is wrong, you can easily get in touch with everyone in the company or just ask at the coffee machine between discussing the holiday plans. It just works well, fast and easy! ”

What does a working day at DCA look like?
“First of all, I often arrive late, then I go to the coffee machine and turn on the coffee. I turn on the light in my office to create the illusion that I was already there. Then I start the day by checking my mail and start with the things that I can quickly deal with in the morning, then I go to the sales department to catch up, and then I get started on the major projects that are on the way and in which projects I can make progress that day. Then I get started! The projects vary a lot from each other because I am relatively involved in external projects.I pick up a project and finish it, there is no huge maintenance task involved.I do not have many ongoing things, often it is separate projects. “Internally, I work primarily with infrastructure. In short, I’m busy with all IT tasks that you do not immediately see. Late, but I’m already time was gone!”

What do you need to work in the IT department?
“Having hard skills is of course very important; you have to be a programmer. We are in the IT department with three very different people, you can not say that this is the IT person. It also varies a lot in terms of age … from 23 to 53. The passion for computer science is just very important. You really have to come up with some solutions yourself, because we do not have a hundred-man team, each of which has a specific specialty. Sometimes you do something in the backend and sometimes you do you have a beautiful website and you have to think about how to best place a certain button, for example. So if you have passion and pleasure in it, you fit perfectly within the department. ”

What do you think about the working environment at DCA?
“Here is a pleasant working environment, it is a small company and you know everyone. When I came to work here, I had almost no knowledge of the agricultural sector, but I have not experienced that at all as an obstacle. In this area within my projects there is a lot of agricultural knowledge in house.There are very competent people here who both have or have had a foot on the road and are also really good at numbers and calculations.It is a very nice combination and I have great admiration for it It’s a relatively young, comfortable and innovative company! “

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