Green light for acceleration plans, PAS detectors get new permit faster | News report

News feature | 15-07-2022 | 15:00

The Cabinet has today given the green light to 45 acceleration proposals from the provinces to reduce nitrogen and improve the quality of nature and water. The government is making 504 million euros available for this. The national plans also contain proposals with which the so-called PAS reporters may be able to obtain a new permit more quickly. The Cabinet will work with the provinces on this and is now allocating 250 million euros for this. This was written by Ministers Van der Wal (Nature and Nitrogen) and Staghouwer (Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality) today in a letter to the House of Representatives.

The acceleration plans must make it possible for the so-called area processes to get started faster. In the area processes, the state and other authorities, companies and organizations work together on solutions to strengthen nature in a specific area. For example, by improving water quality, getting started with the climate challenge, contributing positively to the climate, realizing a turnaround in the food production system and strengthening nature. Reducing nitrogen precipitation in Natura 2000 sites is part of these integrated measures in the sites. The Cabinet has made € 24.3 billion available for site access, in addition to existing resources already available for the structural approach to nitrogen (€ 7 billion). The plans must be completed by July 2023 and implementation can begin. In anticipation of July 2023, Minister Van der Wal had asked the provinces in the spring to come up with acceleration proposals. Provinces, water councils and plant managers could make these proposals if there were already plans in areas to reduce nitrogen, whether combined with plans for climate, water quality and biodiversity. The government has tested the acceleration proposals for, among other things, efficiency and support. Now 504 million euros from the Transitional Fund for Rural Development will be made available more quickly so that the provinces can get started with these plans more quickly.

Faster permission for PAS detectors

A number of acceleration proposals from the provinces contain proposals that make it possible to give PAS reporters a permit more quickly. The Cabinet is allocating 250 million euros for this. A number of acceleration proposals from the provinces contain proposals that make it possible to give PAS reporters a permit more quickly. At the time of the Nitrogen Approach Program (PAS), it was possible for (agricultural) companies with low nitrogen deposition to make a report. Following the Prime Minister’s decision, which drew a line through the PAS, the government has promised and legislated that these companies will receive a nature permit by 2025. provides 250 million. also rather than this.

Reward effort leaders

In the letter, the ministers write that agricultural entrepreneurs who are organic or nature-inclusive farmers, or who are otherwise at the forefront of achieving the nitrogen, water quality and climate goals, deserve a special place in the area plans. Farmers who have already made significant efforts should also be taken into account. They must be given space in the area plans.

All sectors in motion

The Government emphasizes that in the area processes, in addition to a contribution from the agricultural sector, a proportionate contribution is expected from, among others, industry, mobility and air, sea and shipping. Furthermore, quality of life and (economic) prospects for the landscape must be included in the area plans. After the summer, Minister Van der Wal will send a letter about the previously announced Ecological Authority. This independent organization, which has not yet been set up, will assess the measures in the provinces’ regional plans.

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