Vine tomatoes and leafy vegetables are grown in a tropical Thai greenhouse

The greenhouse complex in Roge Putipanpong, which bears the name VLove Farm, grows leafy vegetables, wine tomatoes and chili peppers. As the company is located near Pattaya in Thailand, a chilled greenhouse with a retractable roof was chosen so that vegetables can still be grown in this humid, tropical climate. During the Horti Asia trade fair, the supplier of the refrigerated greenhouse with a pull-out greenhouse cover arranged an excursion to the cultivation company.

Two cultivation zones
The A-fame structure in the 2,200 m2 complex is divided into two zones, one for leafy vegetables and one for wine tomatoes. The roof acts as a shade roof in both zones. The zone where leafy vegetables are grown is also equipped with a retractable insect net. The department for vine tomatoes has a fixed net construction.

Various leafy vegetables and herbs are grown in the leafy vegetable zone. According to Roge, the crops look very good, even in the most difficult times of the year. The gutter system, which he designed himself, is simple and practical to use.

In the area where wine tomatoes and chili peppers are grown, a few shrubs of the blueberry variety Biloxi were also planted on an experimental basis.

Roge sells its products online within a radius of about 20 km from his company and in his own shop on the farm. He has bought a refrigerated truck with which he delivers his vegetables twice a day in the area and once a week in Bangkok.

Roge is very pleased with his results this year as his monthly earnings are around € 11,225. However, he will be able to expect even higher revenues when tourism in the country returns to pre-pandemic levels. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, tourists stayed away from Pattaya and prices fell. However, he hopes for better prices when the tourism industry has recovered. He has seen his sales increase annually since 2018 and has survived the Covid period by selling his products to local consumers.

He explains that he had to close his silk factory due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but that he was able to keep his employees for vegetable growing. However, he is struggling with his cash flow now that prices are so low, hoping for better times when hotels and restaurants can open their doors again.

His business is always open to visitors for a small fee. Therefore, Roge would also like to open his own restaurant at his company. He says a roller coaster is being built next to his company to Pattaya, where Thailand’s third airport is located, just 30km away from his greenhouses.

Visit to greenhouse complex
A total of 17 people from different countries participated in this excursion. They all had the opportunity to also visit Roges uncle’s nearby world famous ‘Nong Nooch Tropical Garden’.

Rajeeb Roy from Agriplast India thanked the Cravo Asia team for organizing this amazing excursion. “The visit to Nong Nooch’s Botanical Garden was the icing on the cake of this informative and surprising tour.”

He added that he was convinced that his friends agreed with him. “In the horticultural sector, there is no shortcut to quality and the right technology.”

Atiq Muhammed Kochra from Pakistan, who came specifically to see this project with his own eyes, said he learned a lot and had a more positive view of technology from the visit.

Most of the participants in the excursion were from India, although participants from ASEAN countries and the Southeast Asia region were also present.

Rajender Kumar (right), Cravo’s business development manager in South and East Asia, along with his colleague Shashank Jain (left) technical greenhouse engineer who oversees this region.

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