President asks for patience and understanding during the OM survey – Dagblad Surinam

For several days, a wave of shock has passed through society due to infamous developments regarding funds due to the Ministry of Finance and Planning. This involves the alienation of large sums of money from the state. Against this background, the judicial and police authorities were summoned to conduct a criminal investigation.

The Public Prosecutor’s Office has complete independence to conduct the investigation and has called in the specialized judicial intervention team. Furthermore, the prosecution has also revealed that the investigation has an embargo character, which means nothing more than a closed investigation, where criminal offenses and people with all available means are made visible in silence to find out the truth as soon as possible, reported Alven Roosveld, spokesman for the president, in a press release issued Saturday morning, July 16th.

Furthermore, it also applies to the embargo that there is no pollution or impact on research. “We as a government respect the position of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and have also handled the information that was shared very carefully, both in Parliament and elsewhere, including through the Minister of Finance,” said President Santokhi.

“Research interest undermined”

“Unfortunately, we note that third parties who have been sent the information show a different attitude, which does not take into account the position of the prosecution. They deliberately present the information in such a way that, on the one hand, a distorted picture can arise, but even worse, it damages the ongoing investigation and undermines the interest of the investigation, ”the head of state adds. A situation is now emerging where so much information ends up in society, making it unclear what is right or wrong and unclean.

In the light of the above, the President has noted that the Government will at all times apply the rule of law, will always strengthen law and order and, above all, continue to promote compliance with these.

The prosecution, especially the Attorney General, is responsible for the investigation and prosecution. On the basis of its independence, it is conducting its own investigation, and this government will respect that. The Government further respects that this body treats the investigation very carefully and meticulously and looks forward with confidence to the results of their operations. What stands up to the government is the confidence that the investigation will not only focus on perpetrators and suspects, but that the stolen money will also flow back into the bosom of the state. After all, this money belongs to the Surinamese community. The government regrets that this could have happened.

Own, internal research

Meanwhile, the president has instructed the finance and planning minister to launch his own internal investigation in addition to the criminal investigation. In this context, economic experts must investigate how the criminal acts were committed, through which forged documents, including receipts, ended up in the system.

The preliminary report shows that suspects have been identified and are being tracked down. It is certainly hoped that this will happen in the short term. Based on the information available, it looks like highly organized criminal operations with possible assistance from internal structures.

“I can now state that these are various offenses such as participation in criminal organizations, forgery and violation of the Penal Code on money laundering,” the president said. It is further stated that action will be taken without regard to persons.

President Santokhi urges everyone to give the public prosecutor plenty of room for independent investigation. The prosecution will in due course release all information. Until then, the government will share all information obtained with parliament and society.

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