Money horoscope: Check your receipts extra carefully, Leo

What do the stars have in store for your finances? Is it time for use or to save? And what economic downturns or setbacks can you expect? Astrologer Nathalie tells you.

Saturday, July 16 to Saturday, July 23, 2022


It is not a superfluous luxury to take a closer look at your purchasing budget and adjust it if necessary. If you would rather not spend more, ask yourself seriously how price conscious you are, what products you really need, and which ones you primarily buy ‘just for yourself’. Furthermore, new opportunities will arise with a view to new companies or other projects. Dare to contact the right people for this.


You currently prefer to work from home and so far it will remain that way. If this is not possible in your current position, then seriously start looking for another job. Chances are high that you will not even have to search that far or long to find something that suits you better. Money that you previously lost or missed will now come back to you through another route. For example in the form of reimbursement or other form of compensation.


It is possible that something in your personal situation has changed as a result of certain policies having to be adjusted, you are still a member of an association that no longer serves you, or there are other financial obligations that you no longer enjoy. of, but which is tacitly renewed each time. It can be compared to throwing a few tens in the ditch every month. Of course you do not want that.


This week is all about your home. Whether you want to renovate it or sell it, it will keep you quite busy, but fortunately in a positive way. Especially if there has been doubt, you now know better what you want and you can take targeted steps. If you have saved a lot of your own money or can take out an extra mortgage, it is not a bad idea to invest in a holiday home.


At work, you walk like a train, and it can sometimes cause jealousy in people who perform worse in the workplace. Of course, that says more about them than about you, but nonetheless, it can really ruin the atmosphere. In any case, do not let that stop you and keep doing what you are doing. In the financial field, there is a good chance that you will have to pay too much; keep your eyes open and check your receipts to be sure.

♍ Virgo

This is a great week for anyone who needs professional financial help or advice. Especially if you have been postponing certain things for a while, now is a good time to schedule some appointments. Your supervisor is not easily satisfied at work, but it is more due to his or her private relationship than your performance. Try not to take it too personally.


Are you ready for new work or new tasks, it’s time to expand your network. Above all, do not feel burdened or afraid to bother anyone; a business network must help each other further. This is also a good week to convert an existing loan to a lower monthly payment or perhaps even succeed in (partially) repaying it.


At the last minute you can score a nice and cheap trip. And you are ready for that, because at work things are quite chaotic to say the least. No one seems to agree with each other and in fact one does not feel so much like adjusting oneself if others do not do the same. You also like to spend some extra money on renovating the garden. The first view of your home is important to you.


Your work and your finances are in sync. You are doing well in both areas, and you largely owe it to yourself. Even though you have already learned a lot, you are open to good advice and you take it to heart. The work threatens to overwhelm you a bit, but precisely because of this there is unfortunately no room for a day off. In fact, there is a good chance that you will have to catch up on a few things over the weekend.


Your loved one can be a valuable addition to your work. Maybe he or she can help you with something, give you a lift to a particular destination, or just give you good advice. You can receive a nice compliment from your manager, customer or client. On the other hand, signing contracts is not a good time. Not that anyone is out to cheat you, but bugs can easily sneak in now.


Certain items that have been on your wish list for a while now appear to be for sale. So browse all the websites, directories and stores looking for your favorite items at a very attractive price. In addition, there is a nice financial tailwind in the form of a pay rise or other pleasant surprise that will give you more to spend. Aquarius looking for work is lucky this week.


If you want to take out a loan for something, now is the time to go for it. If possible, try to sell something of value so you can use the money you earn for what you want. Every little bit helps. If you are having a party for many, it is not at all strange if you ask everyone to bring something to the buffet. American party!

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