British Conservatives are fighting each other on television

International18 July ’22 06:49Authors: ANP and Mark van Harreveld

The five remaining candidates for the Conservative Party’s leadership and Britain’s next prime minister clashed over taxes and justice in politics in their first televised debate as they compete for a seat in the final round with two candidates.

From left to right: Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, Nadhim Zahawi, Tom Tugendhat, Suella Braverman, Jeremy Hunt and Kemi Badenoch
From left to right: Liz Truss, Rishi Sunak, Penny Mordaunt, Nadhim Zahawi, Tom Tugendhat, Suella Braverman, Jeremy Hunt and Kemi Badenoch (ANP / AFP )

The British Conservative Party continues on Monday after a three-day break with the hunt for a successor to party leader and Prime Minister Boris Johnson. Five candidates will take part in the third ballot. The person with the fewest votes is deleted.

Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak has received the most votes of all candidates so far. His biggest competitor is MP Penny Mordaunt, the bookmaker favorite. The other candidates are Foreign Minister Liz Truss, former Foreign Minister Kemi Badenoch and Member of Parliament Tom Tugendhat.

Now only the party’s 358 MPs are allowed to express their preference. At the last ballot, all party members, if there are two candidates left, can vote by mail. It will be announced on September 5 who will succeed Johnson. He resigns after three years because ministers withdrew en masse in protest against his leadership

No clear successor

A first group of 11 has been reduced over the course of a two-day vote by members of the ruling party’s MPs, but no one has yet identified themselves as Boris Johnson’s obvious successor. He announced his resignation after a boom of ministers and foreign ministers left his government in protest of the way he handled all the scandals.


Former Finance Minister Rishi Sunak, who was among those who left Johnson’s government, has now secured the most votes, followed by former Secretary of Defense Penny Mordaunt and Secretary of State Liz Truss. According to opinion polls, Mordaunt is most popular among party members, who must choose the winner, while Truss has the support of a number of people on the party’s right, as well as loyalists to Johnson.

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elimination run

During Friday’s 90-minute debate – the candidates’ first chance to present their credentials to a national television audience – there were relatively few direct confrontations. But when they broke out, it was mostly about taxes, where Sunak had to defend his tax plans against rivals who wanted to see immediate tax cuts.

“Borrowing to overcome inflation is not a plan, it is an adventure,” Sunak told Truss, presenting his plans for tax cuts. “You can’t work your way to growth with taxes,” Truss said. “I think it’s wrong to raise taxes.”

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The top five candidates also faced questions of trust and integrity. It gave the external candidates – such as Tom Tugendhat, a prominent backer and chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee, and Kemi Badenoch, a former Minister for Gender Equality – the chance to present himself as a stain and an opportunity for the party and Britain. over.

‘Do you serve the people of Britain or do you earn your career? For that is the right question tonight, “said Tugendhat, receiving repeated applause from the crowd.


A poll of 1,159 viewers showed that 36 percent thought the former army officer was the best performer, followed by a quarter who mentioned Sunak. Mordaunt and Badenoch were each at 12 percent and Truss at only 6 percent. Voters have no influence on the competition, which is decided by letter of about 200,000 members of the Conservative party.

Candidates were also asked if they thought Boris Johnson was fair. Tugendhat shook his head, Badenoch said ‘sometimes’ while the others hesitated. Mordaunt seemed uncomfortable with direct criticism of the outgoing leader of the party. “There have been some very serious problems and I think he has paid a price for it,” she said.

Another televised debate will take place on Sunday before Conservative MPs hold another vote on Monday to further reduce the number of candidates. The vote on members of parliament ends on Wednesday, after which the party’s permanent members elect the two finalists by letter after a nationwide campaign and rallies. The winner will be announced on September 5th.

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