Dutch textile company Oxious in top 3 annual world ranking of B Corp companies

Oxious, a Dutch supplier of high-quality textile products from Turkey, scores exceptionally high in the latest international Best For the World ranking of B Corp-certified companies. The company ranks second worldwide in the Community section with 114 points – just one point behind number 1. According to B Lab, which publishes the annual ranking, Oxious is number 1 in the world in the textile industry and has the highest ranking in Europe. Best for the world result of all ‘B Corps’ in this section.

Rotterdam-based Oxious is led by Esther Smit and Loes Stapper. The company is internationally active and produces textile products under its own brand name, but also on behalf of well-known brands. The founders have the inherent motivation to produce sustainably and let everyone in the chain benefit from the revenue. For example, the company supplies hammam towels that are made up of 50 percent recycled materials and are made by hand in a manufacturing company in Turkey. In this company, local women work in a social context that provides space for growth and development.

Best for the World (BFTW) are B Labs annual rankings of the 150 best-earning B Corp companies in the world. Of all 5,000 B Corp certified companies, they have the greatest influence on specific BFTW focus areas that B Lab focuses on. B Labs B Corp certification has the overall goal of transforming the global economy in a way that benefits the planet as well as all local communities and people. For this purpose, companies are certified that excel in corporate social responsibility, customer friendliness, sustainability, good governance or respect for workers. Well-known brands with a B Corp certificate are Ben & Jerry’s and Tony’s Chocolonely. Textile brands Patagonia and MUD jeans are scoring well in other areas this year.

Oxygen and conscious

The name Oxious is a combination of Oxygen and Conscious, explains Esther Smit from Oxious: “Oxygen refers to the ecological aspect we stand for; the clean air needed for the survival of life. But it also refers to the social aspect; we give people air again and contribute something essential to their well-being. Conscious refers to the activity required for this, namely the conscious organization of each step in the production process. ” Smit believes it is important that women around the world are empowered and not left behind in society. “We focus on that in the Netherlands, but also on our production site in Turkey. The women who work for us there make it a reasonable wage, with extraordinary working conditions and under good conditions. By offering women opportunities, the gender difference can be closed. It is not for nothing that our slogan is ‘together we can change the world’ ”.

The B Corp certification and the BFTW ranking are considered by Smit as a measuring instrument for the companies’ influence and thus their raison d’être. The certification is based on the inherent motivation to give entrepreneurs tools to ‘do good’ instead of ‘do harm’. He provides insight into where we stand and where there is room for improvement. ” Smit does not believe in companies that use sustainability as a marketing strategy.

“We show that you can have a great influence as a company whose sustainability is really in your DNA. The old economic models where profit comes at the expense of the planet are obsolete. Our new model is very simple and accessible to anyone who dares to make different choices. ”

Oxious has already received recognition for its social and sustainable way of doing business. Within the Global Sustainable Enterprise System, it is already the highest scoring company for the second year in a row.

About B Corp.

The B Corp brand, where B Corp stands for ‘Benefit Corporations’, is awarded on the basis of a rigorous assessment by B Lab, an international movement that aims to put the global economy at the service of people, society and the planet. It is an international certification for for-profit companies that has a large, positive impact on people and the environment. Companies with this certificate have given sustainability a permanent place in their DNA and know how to create value in several ways. What makes the B Corp certification unique is its holistic nature. For example, B Corp does not look at one aspect of your business, but at your entire business operations. The movement currently consists of 5,000 B Corps, spread across 80 countries and 155 industries. Website: www.bcorporation.net, www.bcorporation.net/en-us/best-for-the-world.

Photo: Loes Stapper (left) and Esther Smit (right)

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