from solar panels to termination of a TV subscription

Have you recently been shocked by the increased fixed costs? Energy prices are sky-high, groceries are getting more and more expensive and the petrol pump is full of tears. And worst of all, it only seems to get worse. So it’s time to take a closer look at your finances. Are there costs you have now that may no longer be borne? And maybe you can even enjoy this holiday season on a low budget? Here are my tips.

Solar panels

I do not know if you already have solar panels, but for us this seems like a logical step. We have a newly built home where all the necessary steps have been taken in the field of sustainability, but solar panels are still missing. Time to seek more input regarding information about solar panels. After all, it sounds very interesting: you generate energy yourself and can therefore run the dishwasher, washing machine and even dryer without having to worry. Now that energy prices are rising so much, I have stopped using the latter. The laundry hangs here fluttering in the sun these days. It is a pity that your towels do not become so soft.

Buy solar panels

On the other hand, I do not want to rush into buying solar panels. I think it’s important not to be surprised for a while. After all, it is a huge investment. One that you will earn back in the long run, but I would like to know how long it will take. How many panels do we really need? And what about power consumption when the sun is not shining? And of course also interesting: Are there any subsidies you are entitled to if you have to buy solar panels? In short: it’s time to consult a specialist so we’re really aware of all the ins and outs. And with a ‘yes’, of course, it’s also a matter of waiting for a professional to mount them.

Quick ways to save

If I am to have direct benefit, I will have to do other things as well. Fortunately, there are definitely quick ways to save. For example, have you taken a good look at your account? What costs do you have monthly? Are there any subscriptions that you do not use at all? Does the magazine you pay for each month end up unopened in the newspaper tray? Or have you not been to the gym for ages where you can work out indefinitely. Or maybe you have one of the trendy subscriptions where you get sent new underpants at regular intervals … Do you not have enough eventually? No, of course you have filled up your entire warehouse with one visit to the store. The same goes for meal boxes. It may be helpful to pause this for now; in the summer we turn on the grill faster and have the necessary vegetables from the kitchen garden.

Streaming or TV subscription

And what about the TV and streaming subscriptions? Here, money is charged monthly by Netflix, Videoland, Disney +, HBO Max, Prime Video, NPO Plus and Streamz. And then of course we also have a TV subscription so I can watch ‘live’ TV – just like the Tour de France at the moment. Is all that really necessary? I know couples who take all these subscriptions on break during the summer months because they hardly watch TV. And to be honest: if you have as many services as us, there are always parties that you do not look at so much. Wouldn’t it be better to make a schedule where I alternate (and my monthly costs drop considerably).

Low budget on the road

While watching less TV in the summer months, you may want to go on adventures during the holidays. The prices of a day at the amusement park scare me every time. If you want it, it is really important to look well for discount campaigns, because it will also save you a few tens with. But as a TV movie series enthusiast, you can of course also go on a low budget. Online you can find quite a few pages describing locations from your favorite movies and series. A day of going through ‘such a decor’ is of course also very nice to do.

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