Idriss Abdelmoula about his work for IG&H and his foundation

Idriss Abdelmoula is approaching her four-year anniversary at IG&H. An interview with Idriss about his work in the consulting firm and about how, in addition to his busy job, he runs a fund that was recently honored by the royal family.

First, who is Idriss Abdelmoula?

“I live in The Hague, the city where I was born and raised. I am also married and have a son. In my free time I enjoy playing different kinds of sports such as football. I also enjoy reading, listening to podcasts, philosophers and daydreaming. ”

“After my studies in economics and business administration in Rotterdam, I started my career with the national government with an internship. After working for the Dutch Business Agency (RVO) for some time, I switched to the consulting industry. “

Why did you choose IG&H?

“First and foremost, I wanted to focus on strategic advice in the financial sector. Why was I specifically attracted to IG&H? Because I knew it was a top player in the market. In addition, the advisory organization is one of the few larger offices on Dutch soil. ”

“When I came in contact with IG&H, the corporate culture immediately stood out. Although it is result-oriented, it is also very hot at the same time. When I joined IG&H some time later, I became more and more aware of the company’s caring and daring organizational philosophy. ”

“In addition, I can develop as a consultant and as a manager in the company, but I can also remain true to myself and have a healthy balance between work and private life. All these things make IG&H an attractive company in my opinion. ”

What does your typical workday look like?

“I currently hold the role of leader in IG & H’s financial services. I focus on projects in the pension sector. Because of this, I spend most of my time working with clients and members of the project teams I am part of. I am also internally involved in thought management and practice development. ”

“Honestly, I do not have a typical working day. I usually start the morning by structuring my thoughts and laying out a plan. We then have a so-called day start at 09:00, with colleagues and sometimes with customers. Then we discuss whether the projects are progressing in the right way. If it turns out that there are difficulties, we will talk about them and try to solve them as soon as possible. “

“I plan the important meetings in the morning – at least if possible. Especially because I like working with so-called ‘deliverables’ in the afternoon. It is more or less the structure of a working day that I aim for. ”

What do you like best about working at IG&H?

“These are the challenges I face in my work for customers. These are usually not just solved like that, it requires perseverance and discipline. When I have managed to solve these after a working day, I always feel happy but also tired. It takes a lot, but that’s exactly what I love about my job at IG&H. ”

At what point – during your IG&H time – are you most proud?

“Well, I’ve been working here for almost four years now, so there are many moments I’m proud of. For example, we have contributed to the design of a tailor-made solution that has since proven itself in a customer’s business. The solution brought many benefits to the customer: it is very satisfying to have contributed to it. That’s why I think I’m most proud to have been allowed to take part in that project. ”

Idriss Abdelmoula in action for YLC

In addition to your work at IG&H, you lead a foundation, Young Leaders Community. Can you tell us something about it?

“A few years ago, in 2019 to be exact, I founded that fund together with Oussama Chraibi and Lamyae el Hasnaoui. The goal of the Young Leaders Community is to improve the social position of the Moroccan-Dutch community. In this way, we make the Netherlands a stronger and more beautiful country. ”

In order to improve the position of Moroccan-Dutch society, we need to create change from within. And leaders typically drive these changes. Every year we recruit and select top talents from the Moroccan-Dutch community. These are usually between twenty and twenty-five years old and have already shown that they have helped to improve society with skills and dedication. “

“From our foundation, we offer the top talents a program – name: Lederakademiet – that they can follow. During that program, they follow training courses and are coached. In addition, they also learn along the way through practical assignments. This approach allows them to improve their leadership skills. “

“And it is very useful because we – the founders of the foundation – believe that strong leaders are capable of building strong communities. So with the program, the top talents develop into strong leaders who strive to become a better version of themselves and give something back to society and society as a whole. ”

You recently had a brilliant picture with King Willem-Alexander and Queen Maxima. On the occasion of what?

“Yes, it was really a great honor. That day we received the so-called Appeltje van Oranje. This is an award given annually by the Orange Foundation – for which our King and Queen is the patron and wife – of three special, innovative or successful projects in the field of social welfare and social cohesion. ”

“We received Appeltje van Oranje for the Young Leaders Community. In addition to acknowledging the foundation and all the volunteers who put time, passion and energy into helping the community, this is also a recognition of the power of that community itself.”

“That is why this award means a lot to us. So I am very grateful to be able to contribute to this great initiative. Therefore, I would like to thank once again the team, the volunteers, participants and sponsors, they have all contributed to this success! ”

Idriss Abdelmoula with King and Queen

Back to IG&H, how does the agency support your work for the Young Leaders Community?

“IG&H supports me in several ways. Among other things, by letting me use the company’s office space. Therefore, we can now hold meetings with those involved about the fund. Sometimes they take place in the evening or on Saturday and Sunday. ”

My IG&H colleagues also support the fund. For example, by offering courses and inspiring lectures for our top talents. We also recently arranged a so-called DISC training, which was quite expensive, but IG&H paid half the cost, which I really appreciate. ”

“In addition, I sometimes also talk to the CEOs of IG&H. They help me with questions about how I could further develop the foundation. I really appreciate their advice. “

“It is not surprising that IG&H supports the foundation in so many ways: diversity and inclusion are part of the company’s DNA. I’m a Moroccan Dutchman, and that’s clearly visible, but I’m not being treated as such, but merely as Idriss. I also feel very comfortable in this organization by telling about my background. That’s because I always get the same opportunities as others, which is what makes IG&H such a great place to work. ”

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