Maf Roda is expanding its presence in South Africa

Over the past three years, Maf Roda has significantly expanded its presence in South Africa’s Citrus Valley.

Two Maf Roda Globalscan 7 sorting machines on adjacent packaging lines with VIOTEC and INSIGHT technology at Mouton Citrus, Citrusdal

Jan Coetzer, Director of Groenkloof Citrus, explains that their decision to partner with Maf Roda as a provider of packline services was the result of extensive research. “We concluded that Maf Roda’s Globalscan 7 technology came out on top and that the company offered the best turnkey solution for reliable packaging lines.”

The packaging business in Groenkloof has recently completed a significant expansion, including the installation of a Maf Roda sorting line with six tracks and the latest electronic Globalscan 7 with VIOTEC technology.

Maf Roda’s VIOTEC system is an additional feature of the sorting machine that can identify even the tiniest bit of rotten fruit that can be easily overlooked by manual inspection. VIOTEC also identifies acidity on the fruit, which is important as it can contaminate large amounts of fruit.

According to Coetzer, the hot water rinse in the Maf Roda package is extremely effective at washing and disinfecting the fruit. “The international markets for South African fruit are becoming more and more stringent with regard to the permitted use of chemicals. As a result, efficient washing and application of the permitted disinfectant chemicals is a very important part of the packaging process. this process is much easier to handle. “

Groenkloof Citrus MD Jan Coetzer checks the quality of the fruit at the quality testing station at Maf Roda packline, at the Groenkloof Citrus packing station

Coetzer says their company has been impressed with the customer service they have received from Maf Roda, from the first contact, during the assembly period and over the ongoing after-sales service. “Maf Roda team members know that they offer a reliable product and good service. If we have any problems, Maf Roda’s support team is always ready to help.”

“We really appreciated the collaboration with the entire team at Groenkloof,” explains Fabrice Blanc, General Manager of Maf Agrobotic and Director of Maf Roda RSA. “It was very important for us to understand the work process and understand the fruit station’s main production goals. This helped us define and determine the most suitable and valuable sorting and packaging solution for Groenkloof. During our visit in June, we saw how the Groenkloof operational teams took over the management of this global “tool” that we installed to best meet their daily needs, we also saw how satisfied they were with the improvements they have already achieved in their work, “explains Blanc.

Focus on automation
Mouton Citrus has been another satisfied customer since 2017, when they installed their first eight-track Maf Roda package line with Globalscan 6 sizer. In 2019, they upgraded the capacity of their older warehouse and installed their second 8-track Maf Roda package line with Globalscan 7 sizer and VIOTEC.

In 2022, Mouton Citrus expanded their newer warehouse, and as part of this process, they have implemented a wide range of expansions and upgrades with Maf Roda equipment, including the installation of an additional 6 lane sizer with Globalscan 7 technology.

They have also upgraded the existing Globalscan 6 sizer to a Globalscan 7 sizer, so all factory package lines now have Globalscan 7 sizers with VIOTEC. One of the lines also contains INSIGHT technology that scans the fruit inside and can reveal the fruit’s inner quality, including sugar content and inner dryness.

Mouton Citrus is currently completing this expansion project, which also includes Maf Roda automation equipment such as container filling and washing equipment and speed packers. The focus of the new Maf Roda line and equipment is on automation and includes automatic container packing, trash cans and speed packers. The automatic speed packers have a dual function: they can pack different types of citrus fruits according to their weight, which increases productivity and packaging options.

A crazy Roda V8 speedpacker with Jumble Filler Combo

“We chose Maf Roda systems because they offered the optimal packaging lines,” explains Boet Mouton, marketing & packaging director at Mouton Citrus. He added that VIOTEC technology is invaluable in detecting acidosis and imperfections in the fruit.

“We have had excellent results with this technology, especially with the more risky varieties. We have a wide range of customers and varieties, and we have to be flexible with different packaging options. At the same time, the ability to deliver fruit of consistent quality is of importance, and we are very pleased with the extremely consistent results we are getting with Maf Roda’s systems. “

Turnkey solution is crucial for Citrusdal breeder
Rossouw Conradie, warehouse manager at Patrysberg, a citrus company in Citrusdal, explains that the warehouse was expanded during 2021 and that a Maf Roda sizer packline with ten lanes they have installed is in operation for the first time this season.

Rossouw Conradie, packhouse manager at Partysberg Citrus with the newly installed Maf Roda packline (photos provided by Lucentlands Media)

“Our packaging line has been running since the beginning of this harvest, and when we encountered a problem that required international expertise, they flew in one of the foreign technicians to help us. In the past, some South African growers have been deterred from “Maf Roda. due to the language barrier related to technical terminology. Fortunately, the South African Maf Roda team has expanded in recent years and Maf Roda RSA can now also serve customers in English, which was a significant improvement.”

Conradie says that after conducting extensive market research of the available packline systems, Maf Roda’s ability to provide them with a turnkey solution emerged when the obvious choice emerged.

The Patrysberg warehouse is located on a steep hill, which limits the size of the extension. The drying and growing tunnels are usually very extensive parts of the packaging line, and the limited space was quite a challenge. But Maf Roda’s team was able to help them with this challenge and was able to modify these tunnels to suit the storage space.

“While the system involves the operation of a number of large machines, everything is integrated and controlled from a central touchscreen,” says Conradie. “The Maf Roda systems are very well designed and the features are well integrated.”

Locally purchased components complement imported Maf Roda parts
Maf Roda RSA has entered into a partnership with Maintech in South Africa to supply certain parts of the packaging line so that not all Maf Roda parts need to be imported.

“It was good for us to see that the locally sourced parts were of excellent quality, made to the same standard as the imported Maf Roda parts,” adds Conradie.

He stresses that a key aspect that influenced their choice of Maf Roda was the company’s global presence. By working with people from growing regions around the world, they keep up to date with the latest trends in packline technology and have access to internationally specialized technicians.

“Patrysberg is a brand new customer for Maf Roda RSA, another one that joins the Maf Roda family,” says Fabrice Blanc. “This confirms the validity of the investments Maf Roda has made in South Africa in terms of additional staff and technical capacity to provide a high quality local service. These investments have been made in response to a growing interest in our technical solutions, including sorting, electronic sorting and automatic and robot packaging, as well as our expertise in our customers’ products, including citrus, ”Blanc explained.

Larger investment in R&D
“Our quality sorting equipment, both externally and internally, is a cornerstone of our development,” said Didier Izard, Export Sales Director at Maf Roda.

“Every year we invest 3 to 5% of our sales in research and development to ensure innovation in all our process solutions. With electronic sorting, we remain focused on providing the most accurate and efficient equipment for our customers’ problems in the field (diseases due of weather or pests) or market requirements Our mission is to continuously innovate and maintain a very close collaboration with our customers, as we do with Mouton, to get the right data from collecting them to fine-tune our systems and enable our customers to improve their returns. “

By: Louise Brodie, Lucentlands Media

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