Why the cloud is an indispensable link between accountant and client

Your client chooses his accountant not only to keep up with the numbers, but also because of the added value. With online collaboration, you strengthen your services. Your customer can more easily ask for advice and deliver the data more smoothly. It’s high time to look at how the cloud can improve that collaboration with the customer.

Modern financial services start with an app

You can assume that your customers will send receipts, invoices and administration by e-mail. However, this is not always the most effective solution. In fact, it can also be a risk from an AVG technical point of view. A solution as a customer portal is therefore today the prerequisite for good cooperation. But an app is even better. If you choose an online collaboration, your customer will find you under ‘my office’ on his phone. Real-time figures can be seen and it is easy to register declarations and invoices.

Keep track of receipts easily

The more reliable receipts and incoming invoices are stored digitally, the more reliable and faster the administration can be. It is not a big challenge for the digitally received invoices; the software automatically places it in the correct posting. But we are all still dealing with paper receipts and PDF files. For paper, an app in combination with the camera on the smartphone offers a solution. Your customer puts the receipt in the picture and has the app save it automatically. That way, you make it easier for your customers to account for their expenses.

Process invoices automatically

With the best scanning and recognition software, a photo, scan or PDF of an invoice can be processed automatically. The software creates a computer readable file. This saves a lot of time when it comes to administration. A self-learning digital robot automatically assigns the invoice (based on previous transactions) to the correct financial account. This keeps the administration neatly in order with minimal effort. By combining this technology with an app and the cloud, regular transactions can be executed lightning fast and special transactions can get instant attention.

Digital invoicing

If you want to save even more time, you can switch to full digitization of invoicing. Software that supports a standard such as Peppol / UBL processes incoming invoices automatically. There is no longer an employee or digital robot involved. Outgoing invoices based on this standard arrive directly at the correct location for the addressee. All the customer needs to adhere to this standard is accounting software that supports it.

Collaborate through the cloud

Although the above scenarios seem to focus primarily on billing and declaration, the cloud plays an important facilitating role. No matter where the customer invoices or declares, the cloud ensures that the transaction and the associated registration appear in the administration. It creates opportunities. First of all, it saves a lot of time if receipts and invoices are posted directly and correctly. The search for (digital) ‘shoe boxes with receipts’ disappears. In addition, the number of errors decreases. This means that both the customer and your back office need less time to keep excellent accounts.

Real-time insight

Because all data is in the cloud and most of it is booked automatically (no hands), you can give your customers reliable numbers much faster. It is even possible to provide real-time insight into the current administration via an app. You can easily get invoices approved and draw attention to relevant figures via an advisory cockpit. Do questions arise? Turn on a chat feature. This makes contact available and ensures that your employees immediately have the relevant customer data ready for the question.

Offer your customer more convenience

With smart use of the cloud, your auditing firm offers customers more convenience. It simplifies registration of receipts and invoices (and other documents can also be shared faster). You lower the threshold for communicating, and it’s easier to give more insight into what’s going on. With the right app, you can even simplify complete approval of files and statements. It makes the cloud an indispensable link for any modern auditing firm.

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