Starting your own business? Check out these tips

Corona crisis or not: The number of companies in the Netherlands continues to grow. Maybe you have long considered starting as a self-employed entrepreneur, but you do not know where to start yet.

In this article, you will therefore read more about some things you should keep in mind when starting your own business. It does not matter whether it is in Nieuwegein or on the other side of the country; the principles of a new business are generally the same. Think about making a business plan and arranging your administration with an accounting program or accountant.

Write a business plan before you start
Before you actually start running a business, it is advisable to write a business plan. Of course, you can just start as a self-employed entrepreneur, but if you want to succeed, it’s nice to have a bit of an idea of ​​where you end up. It is not obligatory to write such a plan, but it can provide you with the necessary tools when you actually start doing business.

This allows you to assess in advance whether you should incur costs before you start and how much these costs will be. For most types of ventures, at least some money must be spent on it. It is advisable to do market research so that you know if there is any demand for your services or products at all. This gives you direct insight into your potential competition and your target audience. You could not get a better start.

Do you choose an accounting program or an accountant?
One of the things that prevents many from starting their own business is the administration. It is a shame to let your plans and ideas go based on such a thing. Therefore, it is smart to think in advance about how you will make your administration. Do you choose to hire an accountant to do the work for you? Or are you looking for an online accounting program?

More and more often (start-up) entrepreneurs choose to do their own bookkeeping using special software. Today, there is so much possible in accounting programs that you can even get started with this without any knowledge. Take a good look at the options beforehand so you know exactly what works best for your business. Because you as an entrepreneur are required by law to keep accounts, it is important to make a good choice.

Think of a unique company name for registering the Chamber of Commerce
Did you mention the above points yourself? Then it’s time to roll out your business and join the Chamber of Commerce. It does not matter if you start working in art and culture, or when you start working as a freelance healthcare professional; It is possible for almost all industries to register as self-employed. However, what you need to be aware of is your company name.

It is important to come up with a completely unique company name. This is not only necessary for the Chamber of Commerce, but also in the interest of your company. A good company name should stand out and stick. What is also nice is that you can already see in your company name a little what you do and what you sell or offer. For the Chamber of Commerce, the name must be completely unique so that there is no plagiarism.

Give potential customers visibility online
If you are registered in the Chamber of Commerce, you can start your business. You might first wonder where you get customers from so quickly. Very simple: by increasing your own online visibility. Today we search everything via the internet. With just a few clicks in Google, you have hundreds of search results. To stand out among these results, it is necessary to have a website that is completely SEO safe. If you have the budget, hire someone who understands this.

It takes quite a while to rank higher in Google. While letting someone else do it, you can focus on your new business. Also, do not forget to be present on social media channels. It can still help these days to be active on Instagram, Facebook and even Snapchat or TikTok. Which social media best suits your business depends on your target audience. It is also best to hire an expert for this so that it is done in the right way right away.

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