013 questions for … Night Mayor Tim Frenken: ‘We should change our slogan to: Tilburg, we are here!’

Despite not being born and raised in Tilburg, he now feels like Kruik in heart and soul. From the moment he got off the train at Central Station more than ten years ago, he felt it: this is my city. We’re talking about 29-year-old Tim Frenken. He arranges the coolest parties and festivals in the whole city and is also the Night Mayor of Tilburg. We ask 013 questions to this proud Citizen.

# 1: First of all: you are the night mayor of Tilburg. What exactly does this feature entail?

“In theory, it is a joking position, but in practice you can give your own interpretation of the position. I have been night mayor for the past two years and I was in no doubt during the corona pandemic. Nevertheless, during my tenure, I started working on connecting the catering industry in the city and especially promoting the importance of nightlife. Among other things, this resulted in the Unmute protests in Tilburg. That way, we literally showed how many Citizens understand the importance of nightlife. We suddenly sat at the table with the catering industry with the same goal. I would like to see that joint again in the future. I also designed a voice guide to see the local political views on nightlife. That voice guidance has been used hundreds of times, and I’m proud of it. “

# 2: If you were not a night mayor, but an ordinary mayor: what would you change?

“I think the municipality in Tilburg should show a little more courage. If I were mayor, I would constantly think, ‘How can we make sure things are possible instead of letting go’. We can experiment a lot more here, try it, go crazy and then try again. I also want to ensure that every entrepreneur and resident has the same opportunities to realize their dreams. ”

# 3: As a night mayor, of course, you can sometimes be found in the nightlife. Where do you want to go?

“Cul de Sac at least. There is also night mayor bar stool so there is always a place reserved for me. I also like the relaxation in Cul. In addition, as a DJ, I can also be found in the nightlife a lot. At various student parties or in the Study e.g. When something cool is programmed in Club Smederij, I can definitely be found there. ”

# 4: How is the nightlife in Tilburg compared to that in other cities?

“I think the nightlife here stands out because there is something for everyone to find. In Den Bosch, for example, there is really a drinking culture. In Eindhoven, people go out more focused again. Then they go home to drink, take “their best outfit on and off. Here you can quietly start with a beer in the pub and from there you can see where the ship is stranded. This is also due to the extensive catering offer.”

# 5: Besides being a night mayor, what else can people know about you?

“From cool party concepts in the city. We host the Desperados Road Show during the amusement park, Disco Snolly and several Silent Discos in the city. We are also behind the Spoorpark kiosk and the newly opened Juice Lee catering concept at Factorium. And people can also know me personally because sponsored videos regularly come by for an uninformed network operator, ”he laughs.

# 6: What’s on the schedule for the near future?

“The first few days of the fair, we have another packed program with the Desperados Road Show. We will also be hosting two parties in August at Muzentuin: Iilovesilentdisco Festival and an outdoor edition of Disco Snolly. And we’re busy with Disco Snolly’s club trip. With this, we are going all over the country, and we have planned 22 club nights. ”

# 7: Do you have a first of something you need to organize?

“I can not reveal too much about it, because it is still in its infancy, but we would very much like to arrange some fat next winter together with the rest of Spoorparken to make the park more attractive in the winter as well. Think of a fun winter family event with a Christmas market, choir and other fun things to suit that time of year. ”

# 8: What is your favorite event in Tilburg?

“The May Market! It’s really unique in the Netherlands. It’s for everyone and not at all forced. What’s happening is happening. It’s really just a big spectacle. I also love the combination of a typical Dutch flea market and the catering industry. the craziest purchases at MeiMarkt and then everyone looks take it out. It has no other city. “

# 9: You were night mayor in the corona era and also have a company that organizes many events. Wasn’t that time hard and boring?

“At least not boring. Quite turbulent. Especially for me personally and technically. You can sit us down and tie us up, but we do not stop organizing cool things. We also did a lot in the corona period. We started organizing quiet discos on the roofs of apartment complexes.We have done this in six places in the city.We have also arranged custom editions of the Desperados Road Show and we have arranged very cool events at Beachy.They came to us from all over the country to be able to go out a bit.For example. we were the only city in the Netherlands that had artists like Bizzey, Tino Martin, Mart Hoogkamer and De Sluwe Vos. ”

# 10: What makes you most proud of the city?

“I think that we as a city show that the inner is more important than the outer. I also like The Burger. You notice that people here are open-minded and uninhibited. There is always something to do here and that is because the people who live here get the most out of it. They are the ones who arrange and make fun events and make sure that the city is attractive to people from outside. When you drive into town, it says: ‘Tilburg, you are there’. But they should change it to: ‘Tilburg, we Is there’. People come here because we – the citizens – are here. They come here because of what the people of Tilburg do about the city. ”

# 11: If you wanted to take people outside Tilburg for a day in the city, where would you go?

“We start in Spoorparken. What they have made of it is super fat. It has really become the backyard of burgers. Then I ate a sandwich at ‘t Kaasbolleke with Martino on one side and the homemade chicken curry salad on the other. In the evening we have dinner at Bistro St. Sjaak. That alone is worth a visit for the steak tartare. And of course we end with a great party that we arrange ourselves. ”

# 12: We can conclude that you think Tilburg is a beautiful city. But what do you like best?

“I do not find things ugly easily. I always think: someone must have thought backwards somehow. Ugly things have been thought of more than most average things, that’s what makes it beautiful in a way, right? The cat back, for example: it’s so iconic that I’ve thought of moving there. And I also just love The Blue Building. I’m a big fan of Instagram ‘Keep Tilburg Ugly’. In the end, I think the ugliest thing about Tilburg is that there is so much meowing. We should really think more often: ‘If it doesn’t really bother me and someone else enjoys it, then that should be fine.’ I think Mauwmuur is top notch. A wall with a mailbox on which you can put your meow in, and then no shit happens with it. ”

# 13: Finally: who would you like to give the night mayoral baton to after your term?

“For someone who has both feet in the nightlife, is creative and full of ideas. I also think it is important that it is a young person who can develop and contribute to the city. But in the end, I have nothing to say, it’s a choice. But you can always bribe me with a tray of Monster energy. 😉 ”

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Are you curious about what Tim is arranging? Check out the website of his company Merktuig Werktuig.

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