Greener Power Solutions costs 45 million – Dutch startups raise half as much capital

1. Greener Power Solutions turns 45 million

Mobile battery rental company Green Power Solutions will receive an investment of 45 million euros, Het Financieele Dagblad informs. For this amount, the Dutch infrastructure fund DIF Capital will acquire a majority stake in the company, which was founded in 2018. Green Power Solutions supplies, among other things, mobile batteries for events and construction sites. Dieter Castelein and Klaas Akkerman’s Sprout Challenger raised 8 million euros last year in a combination of an investment and a loan. The new investment aims to expand the battery fleet and open up new markets. In 2021, turnover was 3 million euros.

2. Dutch startups raise half of the capital

In the second quarter of 2022, Dutch startups raised 1.27 billion euros. That is about half compared to 2021, when a record amount of 2.48 billion was raised in the second quarter. This emerges from an analysis by Ebitwise. A large part of the money raised is in the account of Perpertual Next, which received an investment of 420 million euros.

3. Webshop giant TOM, 240 jobs at stake

The webshop company TOM was declared bankrupt by the East Brabant court on Tuesday. The company had been in trouble for some time and has even filed for bankruptcy. In the corona era, the company grew rapidly with fourteen webshops, but in February this year, the company with 600 employees got into financial difficulties. The company attributes the problems to, among other things, supply problems from China, rising commodity prices and financiers withdrawing their support. TOM has already fired half of its staff and cut into the offer. Founder Tom te Riele is still hoping for a reboot. Several parties would be interested, he says to Eindhovens Dagblad.

Booker25 raises DKK 2.5 million

The Amsterdam booking app Booker25 has, very aptly given the number in its name, raised 2.5 million euros from investor MGF. Gijs Martens’ company provides a planning application in Salesforce. The application is particularly suitable for companies dealing with flexible business models, such as meal box suppliers and leasing companies. With the money raised, the company wants to shape its international expansion.

5. Omniboost taken over by Fentener van Vlissingen

Boron takes a majority stake in Zealand startup Omniboost. The Zeeland company connects information flows from checkout and reservation systems to catering companies. This allows hotels to easily adjust their room occupancy and room rates with the software. The investment of unknown size should help the company with international growth. Omniboost was founded in 2009 by Kees Zorge. Next year, the number of employees will double from 25 to 50.

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6. And so this: Is the cheap solar car really close?

Aptera looks like it’s out of a science fiction movie, but this solar car is really meant to go into production for regular consumers. In fact, 10,000 vehicles were to roll off the production line this year and eventually 600,000 euros a year. The company says it already has 25,000 orders, although it is unclear how many are going through due to the small deposit of $ 100. In any case, the cheapest model with a range of 250 kilometers for 25,900 kroner is not too expensive.

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