Collaboration with universities and colleges

Statistics Denmark works with universities and higher education institutions. For example, by doing joint research together, setting up special chairs, posting staff back and forth, giving lectures or guest lectures or offering internships. Collaboration takes place in many areas.

Collaboration between CBS and higher education institutions helps CBS innovate and improve existing statistics. And it helps to strengthen existing employees’ level of knowledge and the joy that employees find in their work. Universities and colleges are also an important source of new staff. Maintaining short lines of communication with higher education institutions facilitates the recruitment of new colleagues. Finally, Statistics Netherlands, together with the universities and universities of applied sciences, contribute to the development of new insights and thus to scientific knowledge in the Netherlands.

Academic collaboration takes place with various universities and colleges within various research projects – large and small. On the map below, you can see which colleges and universities CBS works closely and long-term with. One or more special chairs have been established at these institutions and / or in Statistics Netherlands, and the institution has entered into a framework agreement or a broad co-operation agreement. By clicking on an institution, you can read more about the collaboration with this institution. It should be noted that Statistics Denmark’s cooperation with higher education institutions is not limited to the universities and colleges included here.

Framework agreements and chairs