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All my life I have worked as an engineer. I have seen countless innovations at Samsung. Each time they pushed the boundaries of what is possible with smartphones. Our mission is to develop technology that makes our lives better. Take the journey we started ten years ago. At the time, no one thought of changing the common feature of all smartphones: a flat, rectangular screen. But we did. We asked ourselves the simple question: if we combine a large screen with a great wearing comfort, what would it mean to people?

We got down to business, and by inventing a new form, we saw more and more new possibilities. Experiences that were unimaginable on a smartphone could become a reality. After overcoming several technological hurdles, we introduced the first Galaxy foldable smartphone in 2019. It turned out to be a game changer for the entire industry.

Last year, 10 million foldable smartphones were sold worldwide. That’s a 300% increase over 2020. I can safely say that this rapid growth will continue. Foldables are becoming more and more widespread, and they make up an increasing share of the overall smartphone market.

But more importantly, our foldable Galaxy smartphones have changed the way we use mobile devices. It has become easier to shape our lives exactly as we want. It is completely in line with our mission.

New ways of living are unfolding

The world is more connected than ever and the pace is accelerating. Work and relaxation merge, the boundaries between the physical and digital world blur. Our smartphone is a central location for work, entertainment, wellness and more. It has become an extension of ourselves. In that sense, it is only logical that the demand for flexible devices is increasing. Because they meet all our needs.

Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip are exactly in the central place. Last year, around 70% of foldable users chose Flip. Self-expression is important here. Whether you’re opting for bold colors or a whole new way of taking pictures, Flex mode has you covered. Flip is perfect for seeing the world from your preferred perspective.

Fold gives a slightly different experience. Almost one in three people with a Galaxy foldable chose the Fold last year. Greater productivity is essential here. With Fold, you are extremely well connected and you work exactly as you prefer. The Fold screen is twice as large, making multitasking easier than ever. Working efficiently, getting things done quickly – these are the watchwords when we talk about Fold.

The Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Flip are both a resounding success. Good too. People are happy about it, and for us it is precisely the reason to keep looking for innovations that improve our daily lives.

Helping people get the most out of their lives through mobile innovations is a journey that never ends. This year we have again made improvements to our foldable devices. It’s always exciting to see how people react to new experiences. With each new foldable we start a new journey of discovery.

The driving force behind many of our innovations is open collaboration. We work closely not only with global market leaders like Google and Microsoft, but with countless parties to help people get the most out of their lives. Samsung’s foldable smartphones are tangible proof of this.

Expand your opportunities worldwide

Three years ago, you could sum up Galaxy foldable smartphones in one word: radical. But it quickly became clear that the groundbreaking design was much more than that. The flexible design fits seamlessly into modern life. With the logical consequence that millions of people now choose a foldable when buying a new smartphone.

At our upcoming Unpacked event on August 10, we’ll show you what our latest innovations can do for you. As always, we draw our inspiration first from the only source that really matters: you, the user. We are only satisfied when you are satisfied with our innovations.

I can’t wait to show you what’s possible with our new Samsung Galaxy foldable smartphones. The ultimate productivity and self-expression tool begins the next step in a journey of discovery that has now been three years in the making.

Get ready to expand the world again!

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