“Microsoft’s innovative power is close at hand for our customers”

AXELIO has a new addition richer: Newminds strengthens the growing group of Microsoft partners. Thanks to the expansion with this ERP and workplace specialist from Hengelo, this collective of companies can support customers even better with the challenges and opportunities of the digital transformation.

The acquisition fits in with the growth ambition of AXELIO and investor 5CS Capital Partners. Together, they build a team of Microsoft specialists who offer customers the most complete technology platform possible within the Microsoft ecosystem. Newminds is the third Microsoft specialist to join AXELIO’s ranks after Pixelzebra, a Microsoft Dynamics CRM specialist, and Xperit, a Microsoft Business Central ERP partner. Newminds consists of an ERP business unit with many years of experience in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central and has also developed unique solutions for agriculture under the name AGRIO Software and for Field Service Management under the name SPATIO Software. The other business unit is Newminds Systems, a specialist in infrastructure services and management, including Azure Cloud services and DevOps applications.

Unique solution
Frank van der Woude, CEO of AXELIO, welcomes Newminds to the AXELIO family. “We are very pleased with this reinforcement. Newminds is a highly specialized company. Not only as an ERP provider within Microsoft’s ecosystem, but also as a market leader in a specific market segment, namely the agricultural sector. In it, Newminds serves national and international customers with a uniquely developed addition to Business Central A solution for processing arable crops such as potatoes, onions and carrots In addition, Newminds offers a Field Service solution, with SPATIO software, where service engineers are facilitated with a complete and user-friendly solution for optimizing the planning, whereby the engineer is fully connected to all this is supported by Newminds Systems with infrastructure services such as Azure Cloud applications.We believe we can serve our common customers even better with this acquisition thanks to collaboration and use of technology that adds value quickly and directly . ‘

According to Van der Woude, Newminds also fits in well with the AXELIO group with its corporate culture. ‘We match based on ambitions, expertise and entrepreneurship. We think that is important. New acquisitions must fit into our existing group of parties so that we can work optimally together to achieve the best result for our customers. ‘

Accelerated growth
Eric Vredeveldt and Geert Rozendom, the management of Newminds, are happy with the accession and call this a big step forward with a view to the future. ‘As part of the AXELIO group, we can accelerate our organization to the next growth phase. This collaboration gives us access to additional knowledge and expertise that we would have had less access to as an independent organization. Our customers benefit from this, just as they also benefit from the continuity that the AXELIO group offers. In addition, the acquisition results in new career opportunities for our employees. We saw that the visions of the future matched and that the click with AXELIO was there right away. We feel more than welcome with this family. ‘

Newminds will retain its company name, identity and autonomy, with management continuing in its current form. ‘We think these values ​​are very important,’ says Van der Woude. ‘For the management, but also for the employees in the company. They must have the freedom and space to continue to develop. At the same time, they have a broader growth perspective, now that they are part of our group. They will become much more familiar with new developments and innovations. This makes Newminds even more attractive as an employer. From AXELIO, we will actively support Newminds to accelerate the next steps in their development.

With Newminds as a new reinforcement, the added value of AXELIO is growing for customers striving for further digitization. Van der Woude: ‘The complete range of Microsoft solutions, complemented by our market expertise to implement these solutions quickly and efficiently, offers many opportunities for businesses.’

Microsoft’s innovative power is therefore closer than many entrepreneurs think, says Van der Woude. “But then it is essential that they have their IT household in order. Then these companies are able to keep up with technological developments and remain competitive. We facilitate all that. We guide companies throughout the digital journey. Step by step and at the pace that suits our customers. ‘

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