First MedTech Twente Week focuses on accelerating the market introduction of MedTech innovations

From November 2 to 4, 2022, the first edition of MedTech Twente Week Place. The success of the existing Techmed Event has been expanded into a broad multi-day program for various target groups from the MedTech ecosystem. dBy bringing together these stakeholders, such as researchers, entrepreneurs, doctors, investors and other experts, we can implement medtech innovations even faster. After all, it turns out that MedTech innovations are one of the most difficult and time-consuming to bring to market.

“The healthcare system is under enormous pressure. Smart innovations that help keep healthcare affordable and staffed are one way to ease this pressure. Rapid market introductions are therefore essential, but there are still some gaps to be bridged. We want to bridge this gap during MedTech Twente Week. By learning from each other, by inspiring and by doing business together. After all, the successful implementation of MedTech innovations is a joint effort of researchers, startups, companies, the healthcare sector, investors, the government and the patient,” says Remke Burie, CEO of the TechMed Center, an active player in the MedTech Twente innovation cluster. “A strong ecosystem and good collaboration in the chain means that MedTech innovations have a faster impact on affordable and staff-friendly care. It can save lives.”

Three days of exchange of expertise, experiences and ideas
The epicenter of MedTech Twente Week is the Technical Medical Center on the campus of the University of Twente and part of the Kennispark Twente science park. This year the ‘week’ consists of three days, each day focusing on a different theme. The ambition is to expand the week with new parts and activities in the coming years. An overview of the events during MedTech Twente Week 2022:

  • On Wednesday 2 November we will start with what is already known TechMed Event. This day is dedicated to ‘Connecting Research and Innovation Frontrunners’. Experts share the latest scientific insights, medical innovations and high-tech solutions that will have a major impact on the future of healthcare.
  • In the evening will find an exclusive for the other Exchange dinner place where startups with a MedTech innovation meet and learn from already mature MedTech companies.
  • On Thursday 3 November, business life in the center is down MedTech Business Event. The program focuses on accelerating MedTech innovations. We get to know possible funding sources, facilities and a strong network of healthcare players, investors and researchers who can help innovations move forward.
  • On Friday 4 November, the MedTech Talent Event will take place, where we will uniquely connect talented students with medical technology and the companies behind it. The students will work with challenges based on challenges faced by MedTech companies. There is also space to meet in the network lounge.
  • Those interested in robotic surgery are welcome Robotics Summit 2.0 which also takes place on November 4.

Various speakers from the MedTech Twente ecosystem

During MedTech Twente Week, various frontrunners and stakeholders from the world of research, business and healthcare will talk about how they work with MedTech innovations. How do they see the future of the healthcare system and how can we strengthen our care? In the coming period, the program will be filled with leading experts and topics. With a significant share of course from the partners in the MedTech Twente cluster. In addition, we connect with national and international players and clusters within MedTech. Because this is what we are strong at in Twente: Establishing the best imaginable chain cooperation based on the technology and its areas of application.


Register, put together your personal program and connect with the MedTech Twente community. Be part of the mission to accelerate MedTech innovations by creating the best ecosystem for impactful innovations.

The University of Twente TechMed Centre, Novel-T, Kennispark Twente and World Trade Center Twente are the organizing partners of the MedTech Twente cluster.


Note to the press / not for publication

We would like to invite you to participate in the activities this week. You can register for the press (free) via this link. The language of instruction is English.

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