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It was last week that one day the charismatic faction leader of the NDP in the National Assembly, Rabin Parmessar, angrily left the meeting room with his faction. Once again there had been haggling over speaking time. “We’re going to be speechless. We don’t get room for an honest debate,’ grumbled the experienced politician, who understands how a good debate should work.

“We only have two minutes for a major bank robbery,” Parmessar said. He rightly wanted more speaking time to be able to debate properly with the government about the now notorious fake receipt case in the Ministry of Finance and Planning, where at least an amount of around SRD 41 million sneakily ended up in a number of account numbers. of companies and citizens..

Of course, Parmessar wanted more information from the government. It is indeed absurd that members of the assembly should not have a little more speaking time in such a difficult, controversial matter. The gentlemen and ladies in the assembly are sitting there on behalf of the people, and the people want to be well informed about the course of events surrounding the fake receipt case. Of course, being well informed is God’s impossible when an assembly member has only two minutes of speaking time. In short, Mr. Parmessar had a point.

Political contest with lots of childish finger-pointing

It is of course also a political contest between opposition and coalition. In this case, in the case of the fake receipts, there were of course announcements from both sides of the political spectrum.

It has become the most natural thing in the world for the coalition to rub the opposition in on any issue, on any agenda item, which did not happen when the opposition was in the coalition. Were there not financially questionable conditions under both governments. Bouterse is always the tenor in coalition remarks? Think about the lost cash balance or the issue of post-secondary education? The constant finger pointing and referring back to previous governments is slowly becoming childishly annoying.

Who will take home the ‘biggest bank robbery’ trophy, the coalition or the opposition?

But yes, it is obviously rough for the coalition when Parmessar uses words like ‘big bank robbery’, when when he was in the coalition, no less than US$ 100 million in cash reserves disappeared from the Central Bank of Suriname. It was a big bank robbery. Appropriating money from the people, money that still hasn’t turned up, including the responsible fugitive former finance minister Gillmore Hoefdraad. It was really a big, if not the biggest bank robbery and bank fraud in the country’s history.

In short, the opposition is wise to downplay the receipt issue.

“Mega Scam” and “Biggest Bank Fraud” Ever

Parmessar’s colleague Ashwin Adhin makes matters even worse by claiming via social media that the receipt case is actually a “mega fraud” at the Ministry of Finance and Suriname’s central bank. “The biggest bank fraud in the history of our republic,” said the former vice president and minister. “The fraud even appears to have been going on many times larger and longer than originally thought. Remember, this scam has been confirmed by the central bank itself!” said Adhin, apparently very disturbed by the way the coalition members are conducting politics. A policy that should be no stranger to him and his NDP party members….

Adhin claims about the stolen cash holdings that the Central Bank of Suriname itself stated at the time that these cash holdings were not stolen. On Facebook, he even refers to a link on Danmarks Nationalbank’s website, dated 13 February 2020, in which the bank states that the cash balance has not been stolen. “This is the definitive answer to the old lie that has been repeated again in recent days by writers and propagandists of the current government. Compared to the lies that were then spread about the NDP government, we now see today’s reality of scandal , corruption, fraud, deceit and looting of state resources skyrocket!” But now it is clear – from all kinds of legal proceedings – that in the case of the missing cash holdings, it is actually possible to talk about stolen funds. To the people it certainly felt like their stolen pain. The Association of Economists in Suriname (VES) spoke of ‘premeditated theft’.

The one statement from the central bank of 13. February 2020 doesn’t actually change that. The money, which is US$100 million, is gone, no matter what spin anyone can give it, and by the way is in excess of the amount of SRDs in the receipt case.

The biggest bank robber trophy therefore goes to the current opposition and the lost cash balances.

That 41 million SRD (note: SRDs) have been traced and therefore have not disappeared. arrests have been made. The prosecution is investigating the case, as is the Ministry of Finance and Planning itself. A confession has also been made by a senior official in the ministry.

Politics is alive and well

Of course there will be a healthy dose of mistrust among the opposition, but that is the reality of political competition. Of course, coalition members will continue to point fingers, which is also the most normal course of political competition. The meeting room of the National Assembly is and remains the scene of political fireworks, drama, finger-pointing, shouting and exclamations. This is politics in Suriname. Politics is alive and well.


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