Corps can forget funding after misogyny under lustrum | Internal

Last year, the universities of Amsterdam and the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) cut ties with the students and stopped funding. In September 2021, it emerged that the prospective members in six male and female feuds had to deal with extreme humiliation, kicking and punching during the obscurity. The induction period was stopped and the association said it was working on a new culture. It is not yet known whether the funding will resume for the coming academic year.

A spokesperson for the College says: “Last year we said that the money tap will only open again if there is a cultural change. Of course, what happened on Sunday doesn’t help. I don’t have a crystal ball when grants are to be distributed again, but I assume that the current situation will continue into the coming board year.”

The spokesperson cannot say what will happen to students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) if it comes to light that they have made such statements. He emphasizes, however, that the scholarships for the student body have not been withdrawn for nothing. “We believe that a cultural change must take place. Rather, these statements support the image we already have of the corps.”

VU University Amsterdam (VU) says it finds the statements worrying. “The educational institutions have previously indicated that trust must first be restored before the already existing measures are lifted. This incident certainly doesn’t help. We assume that the board will take appropriate action,’ says a spokeswoman.

The text continues below the video. Video: The speech under fire was filmed. Via Dumpert.

‘sperm buckets’

During speeches on Sunday night, male members of the corps said women are “sperm buckets” and “nothing and nothing more than a whore.” Men would “break women’s necks to stick their dicks in.” A board member of the association, who also made misogynistic statements, called the proposed cultural change at the corps a facade and saw the association’s members as above society.

Heleen Vos, chairman of ASC/AVSV, rejects the arrangements and says they are incompatible with the association. She has experienced the “woman-unfriendly, discriminatory words from the speakers and others in the hall as shocking and hurtful.” Women from AVSV state in an e-mail with more than 270 signatories that they are done with sexism.

To prevent such statements at their own university, UvA has been running a social security campaign since last October, says the spokesperson.

Reunions: Members of the A’dam corps cannot perform an exemplary function

The four discredited members of the Amsterdam student association ASC/AVSV cannot maintain their exemplary role. This is the opinion of the board of the Association of Reunists, which condemns the women-unfriendly statements during the lustrum men’s dinner on Sunday. The speakers must be held accountable for their misogynistic statements on Tuesday, says a letter from the board of the reunions.

“We, the board of VvR, cannot imagine that those who mock the culture change in words can still continue to fulfill their exemplary role. Not in relation to members, not in relation to the zero-year students who start from next week.” The male speakers would hold a number of positions within the highest bodies of the sorority.

The board of the reunions speak of “very reprehensible texts.” “Texts that only confirm that these speakers have not yet understood the need for cultural change. Texts that were drafted and apparently none of them thought, ‘is this actually possible’?

According to the Vereniging van Reunisten, in the past year, hard work has been done on a culture change within the Amsterdam Student Corps and the Amsterdam Female Students Association. “We know that behavior change takes years, that years of ingrained customs and habits don’t just disappear, even when the need arises.” According to the reunions, the Senate needs support to continue the steps already taken to achieve this. “Change is hard, and culture change, especially within the corps, is a huge task. Our impression, despite what happened, is that they are doing well and can use all the support.”

The board of the Reunification Association says it also finds it “hopeful” that about four hundred – mostly women – sent a letter to the chancellor of ASC/AVSV on Monday to express their displeasure.

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