Loogman helps students enter the world without debt

Broodje Co was previously renamed Co to Go at Loogman / Photo on: Loogman

Staff – Those who need staff today need to be creative. They have been creative in the Loogman Group for years and are once again using one of their success stories to recruit young people: Students who enter into a contract of at least 12 hours with one of the Loogman companies will be reimbursed their tuition fees and their books. Even a contribution to small study tours is provided.

The Loogman group started the special promotion in 2019. In the last academic year, 31 employees participated in this special grant. The condition for participation is that the student is in the first or second year of HBO or university studies. Furthermore, the student must be willing to work 12 hours a week at one of the companies for normal pay. No other conditions are set by Loogman.

Recruitment campaign

Loogman combines two important things with the targeted recruitment campaign. On the one hand, he attracts well-trained personnel to various positions within his companies. In return, the company does something about the conditions of the students, who often leave school with significant student debt. Loogman’s management is really a thorn in the side of an undesirable situation among students, according to the motivation for the campaign in promo film.


There are various businesses within De Loogman Groep, from gas stations to car washes. But a golf course and a brasserie are also part of the group. Finding suitable staff is also a challenge for the Amsterdam-based company. Nevertheless, the company succeeds in making it attractive to employees through good flow. 52% of employees are continuously looking for another position in the group, looking for new challenges. In addition, the company also employs former students who continued to work after their studies.

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Author: Steffen van Beek

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