Transport Online – HCR Group acquired by FST Group

AMERSFOORT/PAPENDRECHT – On July 21, 2022, director-owner of HCR Groep BV, Hans Kroon, transferred his company to FST Group BV. Hans Kroon cites the lack of succession and the approaching retirement age as the reason for this step, although you don’t want to say that when you meet Hans. But there is no end to the existence of HCR Groep. On the contrary, the company states.

The acquisition of HCR Groep is another expansion of logistics services from FST, enabling customers to accommodate ‘multiple types of logistics services under one roof’. Hans Kroon says about this: “Instead of more of the same, FST is expanding. Our customers will really appreciate that. Now we sometimes have to hire third parties and soon we will have a whole network throughout Europe at our disposal! important added value of FST Group for our customers.”

HCR Groep’s expertise and experience is very valuable to FST Group. General Manager of FST Group BV, Gert Bras: “The vast experience within the company, HCR Groep’s name and fame, the excellent employees and the well-functioning fleet are the basis for HCR’s service and customer focus. These variables are important in our acquisition strategy We only acquire companies, which have a clear added value for our customers, and which one can safely say are ‘pearls on the market’. HCR Groep’s expertise and quality is incomparable. We want to continue, assimilate and expand the expertise we want from HCR.”

The company HCR Groep will also continue to exist as HCR, although some efficiency improvements will be made on the back end. “In this way, better control can be carried out on the procurement side of, for example, maintenance, repairs, temporary hire, fuel, tolls and excise duties. We have seen that workshops recently wrote for maintenance and repair with a rake, albeit under the influence of corona, but still. By merging at the back, however, you gain purchasing power, economies of scale, better prices for repairs and maintenance, proper administration, etc. You can then use the freed up funds to further improve the service to your customers, faster response and you are even better able to relieve the customer.”

According to Gert Bras. As far as HCR is concerned, Hans Kroon will simply remain in his post, and quality and service will therefore remain at the old trusted and, above all, very high level.

About FST Group’s acquisition policy, Gert Bras says: “Kool Transport and HCR Groep are the first building blocks of a larger whole. Unlike other co-carriers, we expand in scope to grow in size from there. Our customers now ask Once for a wide range of services from transport to warehouse, fulfilment, ADR, conditional transport, international coverage and attention to special projects.We expect to announce even more acquisitions after this fall, while applying Eckhart Wintzen’s cell philosophy to pass on the benefits of economies of scale to our customers , while maintaining the human scale and standard, and we are also able to keep costs that now come from outside, such as repairs and fuel, more on board. this way we can immediately prevent such practices and a call stop. “

The idea and philosophy of FST is still somewhat new to Hans Kroon, but as a sober Sliedrechter he says: “Oh, finally an entrepreneur who understands and thinks along. That way, I can relax and focus primarily on customers and their projects. In this way, my knowledge and experience come in handy, and it gives me enough rest after a lifetime of hard work. This is the best move I could have ever taken.”

FST Group BV is a rapidly growing company that focuses on being able to offer a wide range of logistics services. FST Group basically focuses on Transport, Storage, Services, Forwarding and Fulfillment. In FST Group’s vision, more and more customers demand a broad spectrum of services, so that they are relieved of their logistical needs. That way, they can focus on their core business. Outsourcing the logistics challenges is therefore a good way to carry out the logistics process cost-effectively and by connecting systems a high degree of efficiency is achieved. The scale required for this is amply offered by the FST Group.

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