Money Horoscope: An increase in your income, Libra

What do the stars have in store for your finances? Is it time for use or to save? And what financial windfalls or setbacks can you expect? Astrologer Nathalie tells you.


It’s time to take it easy for a while. Do not make unnecessary expenses and leave plans to invest in something for what they are at the moment. Even the bills that just need to be paid this month serve for a while on hold because otherwise you will have problems with the grocery budget. It also doesn’t help that certain payments you’re waiting for are late.


If you work for yourself, you will notice that new opportunities arise. Interesting new customers or clients will contact you and new doors will open. If you are in paid employment, there is a good chance that your salary will improve very quickly or that you will get a promotion. Or both! Are you still looking for a job? What are you waiting for? Send out as many applications as possible at once. This is yours good week!


As long as you keep track of your income and expenses and don’t do irresponsible things, you can assume that your finances will remain stable. If you still want to do something with your (savings) money, real estate is currently the best choice to make an investment. If you haven’t eaten much of this yourself, be sure to get some good information from someone who has. Maybe more is possible than you think.


The trouble with certain colleagues takes away your job satisfaction. The best thing you can do is make peace. Even if you feel you are right and others should take the initiative, it is still a good idea to take the first step yourself. What do you care, you don’t need to go on holiday with them, the most important thing is that you can go back to work happy. Financially, it is now better to pay outstanding bills than to create new ones (again).


If you are still job-hopping or if you are in an intermediate phase, then it is time to take a good look at what your talents are and how you can use them professionally. If you have a family member who is in the same industry, you can learn a lot from him or her now. Do not hesitate to invest some money in a course, training or business premises. Of course, you have to start small, but you don’t get anything for nothing.

♍ Virgo

If you have contacts abroad, you can now earn extra money through them through imports and exports. At work, don’t worry about others who don’t work hard enough in your eyes. Just because they cut corners doesn’t mean you have to do the same out of envy. And it certainly doesn’t mean you have to make up for their laziness by trying twice as hard.


Don’t go for short-term profit, but long-term success. Dare to focus on projects that need time to develop. There are various options on the job and there is a possibility that you will have to make an important choice. Family members can advise or inspire you to do this. You are also in good financial shape, more stability and possibly even an increase in your income can be expected.


Hard work pays off. Your finances will improve, but this is primarily the result of your hard work. You have recently been very conscious about your career and have invested a lot of time, money or energy. But be careful and don’t make too easy choices. Also watch out gold diggers. Some people in your area are aware of your well-being and are trying to take advantage of this in a clever way.


You work your way around and the result is bound to happen. The offers, tasks and money pour in. You can be rightly proud of yourself, but be careful not to step outside your shoes. The very successful people who keep themselves normal are seen as likable and thus retain their goodwill factor. Of course, it can’t hurt to buy yourself a nice new wardrobe. Shop till you drop!


The workload increases while your finances remain the same. You may get lucky and get some good news this week regarding tax or an insurance issue, but this will mostly be a one-time payout. Try to do a little more exercise after work to clear your head. Chances are you won’t like it the first time, but you won’t miss it after a week.


You get less and less busy, which makes it easier for you to stick to your schedule and get all the work done. However, stay focused, because the lower the workload, the less attention you have. However, there is a chance that someone in the family will need your help and that you will have less time for yourself after work. In order to rest, it is important that you get enough hours of sleep.


Saving is not really your hobby at the moment. You believe that you work hard for your money and that you should enjoy it. Of course it is, but you can also use some of it and put some away. It’s not always either-or. Speaking of hard work, do you get paid enough for what you do? It doesn’t hurt to double-check your hours and compare them to what is and isn’t part of your duties.

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