Salary by store/company in Spain in more detail

MADRID – In June, the Spanish Institute of Statistics (INE) announced that the most common annual salary is 18,480 euros gross in 2022. However, the average annual salary in Spain is much higher at 25,165 euros gross, but this is because the high and low salaries are added together to calculate an average which is not reality.

The minimum wage (salario mínimo interprofessional (SMI)) in Spain has increased to 1,000 euros gross in 2022. According to the unions, half of the workers in Spain are so-called mileuristas or thousand-euro earners, whose monthly salary does not exceed this 1,000 euros gross, although there are many employees who earn less.

But what does anyone in Spain really earn. Are wages really that much lower than in, say, the Netherlands and Belgium? We have the Indeed website and looked at the salary in well-known shops in Spain. This information is posted on Indeed’s website by the employees themselves. In all cases, this is a full working week and gross salary.

Media market

A seller earns 1,076 euros per month, but the average salary on Media Markt.


According to the Indeed website, someone who prepares the packages at Amazon earns 1,483 euros per month. If you work in logistics at Amazon, it makes 1,651 euros per month.


Someone who is a salesperson in the popular clothing store earns between 1,038 and 1,249 euros per month. However, someone working in the warehouse earns 1,118 euros per month.


Working at Zara pays between 1,113 and 1,187 euros per month. Someone standing alone behind the cash register earns 1,113 euros.


A salesperson in the Mango clothing stores earns between 1,000 and 1,661 euros per month, according to Indeed. Someone working behind the cash register earns 1,160 euros.


Working in the H&M clothing stores pays between 1,000 and 1,040 euros per month.

Ale Hop

Ale Hop stores can be seen in more and more places in Spain. Someone who sells in the store earns 1,072 euros per month.


Working as a salesperson at Ikea in Spain earns 1,049 euros a month, while someone behind the cash register earns 1,481 euros a month.


A person working at Decathlon in Spain as a salesperson will earn an average of 1,000 euros per month. A person behind the cash register earns 1,015 euros, while the person in charge of the store earns 1,559 euros per month.

El Corte Ingles

Working as a salesperson in the Spanish department store El Corte Inglés pays 1,039 euros a month. Someone who sits behind the cash register earns 1,128 euros, while someone who works in customer service has a monthly salary of 1,167 euros.


The salary for a warehouse worker is 1,110 euros per month, while a salesperson earns 1,170 euros per month. A person behind the cash register in the supermarket chain earns 1,099 euros.


A cashier earns 1,229 euros a month at Mercadona. A person behind the cash register earns 1,217 euros, and the store manager can quickly earn 2,050 euros per month.


According to Indeed, someone who fills the boxes at Lidl or sits behind the cash register earns 1,881 euros per month (?). The store manager earns 1,416 euros per month.


In the Aldi supermarket, a cashier or warehouse worker earns 1,028 euros and the store manager 1,300 euros per month.


Working as a stocker at the Spanish Día supermarket chain earns 1,006 euros. If you work behind the cash register, it pays 1,072 euros per month, and as a store manager you earn 1,128 euros per month.

Leroy Merlin

Working as a salesperson in the construction market Leroy Merlin earns between 1,174 and 1,181 euros per month. A person behind the cash register earns 1,096 euros.


Working in the fast food chain McDonald’s pays 1,111 euros per month for a person behind the counter. If you work as a manager, you earn 1,229 euros.

Burger King

Working behind the counter at Burger King earns a salary of 1,166 euros per month, while a manager also earns 1,166 euros.


Working as a driver and parcel broker at Seur pays 1,097 euros a month. If you work in the warehouse at Seur, the salary is 1,180 euros per month.


Someone working as a flight attendant or flight attendant on a Ryanair flight earns €1,187 a month according to Indeed (€14,248 a year)


Working in a BBVA bank pays between 1,300 and 1,719 euros per month as an employee of the bank.


Working in La Caixa or Caixabank gives a salary of 1,497 euros per month.

The above companies are of course only a small selection of the thousands of companies out there in Spain and the salaries are probably not quite related. However, the stated salaries are posted online by the employees themselves on Indeed’s website .

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