Kivits-Goes Handling takes over two cold stores from Fresh Pack Logistics •

The activities in the cold stores FPL 1 and FPL 4 of Fresh Pack Logistics in Barendrecht have been taken over by Kivits with retroactive effect from 1 July.[1]Go handling. All customers at these locations and the approximately 40 employees who work in these cold stores will be transferred.

In addition to the takeover of all logistics activities in these two cold stores, the TFC activities (Transport, Forwarding and Customs) are acquired and merged with another company in the Kivits Logistics Group, namely Kivits-Goes Customs.

Kivits Logistics Group and Olympic Food Group are family businesses with a long-term collaboration that place great emphasis on the same values ​​as quality, sustainability and personal collaboration. After the first contacts about a possible takeover, the process went quickly due to mutual trust and cooperation. Olympic Food Group confidently transfers its employees and customers to Kivits Logistics Group.

Due to the different companies & locations that Kivits Logistics Group has, Kivits can offer complete supply chain relief. From freight forwarding and customs clearance to a very wide range of VAL services such as packing, repackaging and packaging of products. This, in combination with Kivits Drunen’s transport and distribution network, ensures that customers are completely relieved.

Partly due to the cooperation between the sister companies in the Rotterdam region, this acquisition provides extra added value for all involved.

Rob van Opzeeland, CEO of Kivits Logistics Group, says: “We are pleased that we have reached an agreement with Olympic Food Group. All parties were convinced that a collaboration would be good for the companies, the employees and of course the customers. Fresh Pack Logistics indicated that it was considering a sale, we discussed it constructively with them. This resulted in this acquisition, which we are confident customers can count on to further improve the quality and reliability of logistics services.”

Lennart van den Heuvel: “At the beginning of 2022, I took over the shares in Fresh Pack Logistics from my family; without knowing that in the first quarter we would be confronted directly with the consequences of a global logistics and energy crisis. In addition, I feel like a fish out of water in the fruit and vegetable trade, but that a logistics company is a completely different sport. From a strategic point of view, the logistics activities that we performed for third parties have also contributed a little.

For that reason, we are happy to be able to transfer the activities in FPL 1 and FPL 4 to Kivits-Goes Handling. They are very experienced in refrigerated food logistics, all employees at these locations are transferred and continuity is also ensured for our customers. The constructive way in which the agreement was reached strengthened that trust. We will continue to manage the logistics for our own trading companies (Olympic Fruit, Hoofdman-Roodzant and Freshpride) within Fresh Pack Logistics at the FPL 2 and FPL 3 locations.”

Kivits-Goes Handling is part of the Kivits Logistics Group and has a number of people from the management as other shareholders. Kivits Logistics Group is a 75-year-old family business and consists of a group of logistics companies. They have developed strongly in refrigerated food logistics over the past 20 years. Kivits Logistics Group distinguishes itself by making a difference by offering transparent partnerships with a lot of added value and relief. Kivits Logistics Group consists of around 600 employees, has fifteen cold stores in the Benelux, does a lot of Value Added Logistics and has a transport department that has 150 refrigerated trucks available every day.

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