What is TikTok doing with the music streaming service TikTok Music?

Video social media has new plans. It is extremely successful in videos and therefore automatically also in music because music can go viral there. However, it wants to do more with songs. It wants to start its own streaming service.

TikTok music streaming service

TikTok has applied for a patent in the US, suggesting it wants to take serious steps to compete with Spotify and Apple Music. These are the two most loved music streaming services in the world with millions of songs and podcasts to listen to. With Apple Music, you can do it in high quality and even with spatial sound. What exactly TikTok plans to shake up in this business is unclear.

Still, it’s a logical choice, because what often happens now is that a song goes viral on TikTok, but the artist gets so many streams on Spotify and is ‘discovered’ there by a record label, because Spotify notices the popularity and the artist Spotify puts selected music lists. It sounds logical in itself, but at the same time it is much more logical that the music remains nice in TikTok, that you can also only listen to the music within a TikTok platform (without having to have a video on loop).

TikTok music

Of course, TikTok doesn’t want people to leave the app and start their own music platform, which could mean it keeps people with them. In any case, the patent application shows possibilities for streaming, sharing and downloading music. You can also create and share playlists in TikTok Music, in addition to using the music in video and audio streams. This patent application was already made in Australia in November, so TikTok is definitely on to something.

There are several reasons why this news does not come out of the blue. On the one hand, the origin of TikTok also lies in music. For example, the company behind TikTok, ByteDance, first had an app called Musical.ly. Although it was also a video app, the focus here was more music. In addition, this is not the first time we hear about such plans from TIkTok. In 2019, we already wrote that it would work on a music streaming service, only that it would not become a rival to Spotify, and it was mainly intended for developing countries. Incidentally, it has also come in the form of Resso, which you can download in India, Brazil and Indonesia.


There is also a link from TikTok to Resso, so that with a music fragment from TikTok you can continue to Resso (something that is now also available with us, but only for Apple Music). We can imagine TikTok developing some kind of better, bigger version of Resso and putting it under that Apple Music button from now on. By doing so, it sidelines Apple and keeps people on a TikTok-related app that makes money at ByteDance, rather than its competitors.

Chances are, that’s exactly what TikTok is up to with TikTok Music. The question is just what innovation it will bring to really compete with Spotify and Apple Music, platforms that both have years of experience in the music world, have the necessary contacts and a whole mountain of data. Still, TikTok is so big that ByteDance must also have a large database of information.

Would TikTok Music mainly be in the market as an extension of TikTok for streaming, or is it going for the approach of creating its own streaming platform? If it chooses the latter, it will have to come up with something revolutionary to put itself on the map. It’s still tight-lipped about this, but we’re just thinking it won’t be long before TikTok opens its mouth, if only to make sure Spotify sings a little lower.

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