How to create an omnichannel strategy for a better customer experience

Let’s take a look at what a customer experience strategy is and 6 tips to build an omnichannel strategy for your business.

What is a customer experience strategy?

A customer experience strategy is a plan to improve the quality of every interaction your customer has with your brand. They may seem like casual interactions, but each contact adds to the experience. Therefore, it is also important to think about the experience of each interaction – through any channel. Make sure you have an omnichannel strategy.

Six tips for an effective omnichannel strategy for customer experience

No one strategy is the same; this also applies to an omnichannel strategy. It is not possible to copy another. Still, there are a few things anyone can use as a starting point for an omnichannel customer experience strategy. These tips can help you:

1. Understand your target audience

Everything you do revolves around your customer. And you decide your activities based on what they find important and want. From product development to marketing – and of course the customer experience. Try to collect as much data as possible from the people in your target audience, such as:

  • sex;
  • age group and demographics;
  • goals and ambitions;
  • needs and pain points.

If your audience is broad, segment potential customers based on certain common characteristics. In this way, you can make targeted improvements to the customer experience, because you prefer to offer your customers the most personal experience. So the more information the better.

2. Train the staff who interact with your customers

Automation is everywhere. With effective customer service, part of the customer contact is increasingly handled by a smart chatbot. But as smart as chatbots are, customers often still want to communicate with human agents. Continue to train your employees (and your chatbots) to provide the most personalized service possible. Make sure they understand the different channels and customer expectations per channel. Adjust your SLAs accordingly and keep up with the latest developments.

3. Optimize your customer data

You probably have a lot of interesting customer data that you can use to better shape customer contact. But data often comes from a variety of sources – live visits, shipments, discounts and more. Therefore, ensure integration with your marketing and service solutions.

The data can therefore be used in customer service conversations, marketing messages and in the chatbot. By optimizing your customer data in this way, your company can better understand your customers (see tip 1 above) and better shape the customer experience.

4. Make use of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence or (AI) technology may sound complicated, but it really isn’t a far-fetched show anymore. It is even very easy to apply in your company. A well-known example is AI chatbots to improve the user experience.

AI chatbots find out what the customer means by a question through various AI technologies. This allows them to provide an appropriate response. This is in contrast to a scripted chatbot that often works based on keywords. A chatbot can now really help your customers further.

5. Customize your marketing

Personalization is an important pillar of brand loyalty. It doesn’t have to be difficult; you can start small. If you have a webshop, you can follow your customer’s behavior on your website and immediately recommend related products. Or customize your chat messages based on the page the customer is on. Employees can see this and react immediately.

6. Use omnichannel communication tools

For an impressive customer experience, offer customer support through the channels your customer likes to use. Think WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Instagram and more. Managing all these channels can be a challenge. Omnichannel customer service software like Mobile Service Cloud makes it easier. Chats from all channels are collected in one inbox. For example, customer service agents can chat with customers from one central location; through any channel.

A good omnichannel customer experience starts with the right strategy

Your customer experience can always be improved. It’s an endless process of experimenting with new tactics, preserving, analyzing and optimizing your results.

But before you take steps to improve your customer experience, you need to create a strategy that takes into account:

  • the desires and behavior of your customers;
  • opportunities for improvement;
  • the available omnichannel solutions to improve the customer experience during every contact.

Do you want to start your omnichannel strategy? Find out how’s customer service solutions can help you.

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