Why you should outsource SaaS procurement

Doing SaaS procurement in-house is possible, but it is time-consuming and expensive because it requires a lot of knowledge, research and investment. Experts have large databases and extensive experience in negotiating. So you can get a better return by getting it done by an expert. This article is about what SaaS procurement is, why it is important, and how outsourcing SaaS procurement can deliver the best results.

What is SaaS procurement?

SaaS procurement means buying SaaS – sounds pretty simple, right? Buying SaaS is not as easy as you might think because there is a lot involved. Buying SaaS yourself not only takes a lot of time, but is also very expensive. To purchase SaaS licenses, contact vendors and negotiate with them for the best possible SaaS license at the lowest price. This is very complex, even if you are familiar with SaaS procurement, the process can be quite time consuming, challenging and expensive. Buying SaaS the right way promotes smooth implementation and supports business operations.

What is a SaaS procurement solution?

A SaaS procurement solution (or vendor) is a platform, service, or partner that helps you manage SaaS contracts, licenses, negotiations, and more. Typically, SaaS procurement solutions help you save time during negotiations and reduce costs on ongoing contracts.

Why is SaaS procurement important?

Buying SaaS the right way simplifies and streamlines business operations. Good SaaS procurement can ensure strategic growth.

This will then result in more sales, a better ROI and a streamlined SaaS process. The implementation will also be easier if you buy the SaaS correctly, and it gives just enough time and space to test your software before you implement it.

Since purchasing can have a significant impact on delivery time, it helps to ensure that the process is as streamlined as possible so that the software works well and you can achieve your goals.

Costs are especially important when purchasing SaaS software, as they are recurring costs. Good cost management is very important to avoid high recurring costs. The trick is to buy the right software at the right time and at the right price.

Many companies use SaaS procurement solutions to help them with procurement, but while this can be valuable, this is not the right solution. Procurement software simplifies the process, but it does not help achieve this. To get a solution for your entire stack, many companies outsource their SaaS procurement, administration and contract renewal.

SaaS procurement companies can help streamline the entire procurement process, making it much easier and faster. This saves money in both the short and long term.

The benefits of outsourcing SaaS procurement

SaaS procurement experts have years of experience and are willing to tackle any problem they encounter. Outsourcing SaaS purchases is therefore a good investment.

There are many benefits to outsourcing SaaS procurement, including:

Especially SaaS purchases take a lot of time. The work is complicated because a large number of software solutions are used.

Outsourcing SaaS procurement to experts is beneficial; they can do the job much faster, better and more cost-effectively. It saves the IT and purchasing team time that they have to focus on other things.

SaaS implementation works significantly better if the procurement process is well streamlined. If the procurement process takes a lot of time, testing and implementing the SaaS will also take a lot of time.

By outsourcing your SaaS procurement, you can test and deploy your SaaS software as quickly as possible to meet your goals, ultimately resulting in a better ROI.

  • Streamline activities

SaaS is not as simple as purchase and implementation. There are many things involved in SaaS, all of which require expertise, time and financial investment. Keeping track of and streamlining all these processes can be expensive, complex and time-consuming. Therefore, most companies choose to outsource this.

SaaS procurement can be quite expensive, especially if you are not familiar with this. Outsourcing to companies with huge data pools and experience gives you an advantage with suppliers who provide good licenses and prices with minimal risk.

  • Increasing flexibility and scalability

Elements that predict the success of SaaS are flexibility and scalability. Finding the right balance is almost impossible unless you spend a lot of time researching and comparing and get a lot of experience buying them. Simply outsourcing the SaaS to a company that takes care of the procurement and manages the SaaS contracts can ensure a streamlined process.

It can also enable procurement, implementation and most importantly manage.

SaaS procurement is a challenge for most companies. There are much more important and profitable things your IT department could be spending time on, so why not outsource?

This article was written by Marc Tromp, Country Manager Benelux, Sastrify.

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