Sander van Gelderen from Effectory: ‘Marketing teams can be the oil that keeps the machine running’

I am the proud father of Roos (13), Niels (11) and Max (1), and I live in the coastal town of Castricum. I do a lot of outdoor activities such as playing tennis and training for my annual triathlon. I also have a fascination with Africa. The travels, books read and meetings have made me who I am today. I would like to help African companies grow in the EMEA region in the future. This dream lives alongside my dream of one day converting an old 1979 Alfa Romeo Spider into an electric variant. In addition, I work at Effectory – B2B Saas solution for employee listening – as CMO, overseeing the marketing activities for national and international growth, occasionally running a quiz or holding a microphone.

“Well, marketing isn’t it!?” I often hear when people have bought something that they may regret. I can’t help but get into this. It bothers me that ‘marketing’ then gets/has a negative connotation. Good marketing is not about marketing products that people don’t want. Selling a product to someone who does not need it is not a positive but a negative outcome. It’s about being relevant with your experience, product or service to a group of people that you want to be relevant to. Customer Centricity is not about wanting to sell everything to everyone, but about wanting to do everything for a certain group of people with whom you want to establish a long-term/sustainable relationship. It’s about making choices. Not only for the consumer, but also for the entrepreneur.

I am proud that I always act based on an inherent mission that I myself believe in. I find it difficult to act illegally, unsustainably or unethically. I am also proud that I can implement this from my position. If you believe in something with a group of people, you automatically take a step in the right direction.

Foolish enough! At the start of my career, I showed my down-to-earth and (too) direct Dutch side all too often. I have a lotcareer-limiting remarks‘ I think afterwards. I now understand better that the Dutch have a manual. This applies to all cultures and their habits and customs. At the end of the day it makes us all a little weird as people and it makes us all the same again, creates a bond! But of course there are also errors such as using an insertion field in an invitation incorrectly. ‘Best [voornaam]It doesn’t seem very personal. Oops!

Good advertising? Hard question! I like commercials with humor, self-deprecation, courage and a clear point of view, and those are few and far between. But if I had to choose one, it would be Heineken’s, where the men are served beer and the women a cocktail, while it is ordered the other way around. It kicks against prejudices and is depicted in a beautiful and even cozy way.

I struggle with all advertising related to lotteries, gambling and games of chance. In almost all cases, the most diverse celebrities/influencers figure, who must strongly ask themselves what possesses them to participate in this. Deliberately deceive your target audience with clever tricks and – often – false promises about a product that no one needs. You really shouldn’t want to. I get so annoyed by the ‘product’ they promote, but especially the way it is done.

Good marketing? The first thing that comes to mind is holistic marketing with the ultimate goal of happy and satisfied customers! Too often organizations still think that marketing is the ‘branded pens and T-shirts’ department, but it is more than that. Good marketing comes from teams that start with the problem of the – future – customers. What is the solution and why is it relevant to you? Only by understanding the problem properly, and talking to the people who experience this problem, can a good story which can be shared through different channels. And then, as a marketing employee, you are involved in all stages of the company. From start to finish, a marketing team can be the oil that keeps the overall machine running. I can talk about this for hours.

Badly timed marketing. Spend hours searching a website for the right content: Annoying! After half a second a pop-up with download or chatbot: Annoying! I even once received a direct mail from a foundation – I don’t know which one, heart, lung or kidney – two days after the birth of one of my children with an urgent message. Inappropriate, annoying. With today’s capabilities in personalization based on digital behavior, this should be a non-issue.

Being heard and seen in a world full of stimuli and overkill is a challenge for marketers, but I actually want to keep it a little more human. All day long, marketers switch between short and long term and from tactical to strategic. In a world that is constantly changing based on legislation and regulations, but also expectations from society, this can cause a lot of stress. In March 2022, Forbes published that more than 80 percent of marketers suffer from burnout-related complaints. So, as a marketer, make sure that you are not only busy with good things, but especially with the right things. Because there are always a hundred tasks waiting for you.

Scandinavian brands and then I choose Lego. Of course I was already fascinated by it as a child product experience. The sound when you heard the still wrapped box rattling was the beginning. Unpacking and putting each set together was magical. I played with it for hours, days, weeks, months. Made videos myself. This toy is so incredibly versatile. I always thought it was a luxury gift, whether it was the police car or my French TGV train set. Everything felt great. And as a parent, teaching Lego felt just as good. Nice to see how Lego has started to differentiate the products according to different target groups based on themes, in addition to offering Lego boxes, also digital products and has made an in-depth look at the physical Lego stores & experiences. This makes it fun and educational for a large group of loyal customers. Because those B-brand blocks just weren’t right? Really a clear example of a huge brand experience with a fantastic product experience. And also with such a simple but effective name: Lego, from Danish leg godt = play fun). Brilliant!

I only watch on demand and this via the NPO app, a little bit of Netflix and Videoland. The latter really only for one program – shameful pleasure – Exactly Temptation Island. I also listen to Spotify almost all day long. I have all 60+ episodes of the podcast series in two weeks rethink listened. Simple, but a very effective concept. Creator Berthold Gunster also wrote a book – As expected, everything is different – and it can really be recommended. When something grabs me, I dive right in. But I also really enjoy De Speld’s or Tim Fishburn’s expressions The marketer. Wonderful satire with a business twist.

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