Flash supplier Zapp is considering leaving the Netherlands after the forced closure of two dark stores in Amsterdam

Flash delivery company Zapp is considering withdrawing from the Dutch market due to the forced closure of two dark stores in Amsterdam and ‘ongoing regulatory uncertainty’ in the Netherlands. It announces the company on Wednesday afternoon. Zapp flash applicators. © Jakob van Vliet The company says it is in consultation with unions and employees. The … Read more

Companies and charging station operators play a crucial role in the transition to sustainable mobility in the Netherlands

Should companies offer their employees an electric leasing car? According to 57 percent of Dutch people, employees should also be able to lease a company car. 71% of potential electric drivers agree. These are some of the results from this year’s EVBox Mobility Monitor edition, EVBox’s market research on the introduction of electric transport, conducted … Read more

Trymax – LINK

Speaking at the grand opening of Trymax Semiconductor Equipment’s new location, ASML Manager Service Lab Jan Pieter Kuijten nice words about the collaboration. Mayor Hubert Bruls of Nijmegen gave a speech and emphasized that it is gratifying that the company has decided to stay in Nijmegen. Trymax, a manufacturer of machines for the semiconductor industry, … Read more

Everything you want to know about Princess Amalia’s future studio

After a middle year, it’s too Princess Amalia time to study. Not to Leiden as his father, but in Amsterdam, on University of Amsterdam† Her study? Politics, psychology, law and economics. A real study for ‘future leaders of society ‘ according to initiator Edgar du Perron† That’s exactly what she wants to do. Queen Máxima … Read more

MEPs and EU Governments Agree on New EU Sustainability Reporting Rules (CSRD)

On Tuesday 21 June, MEPs and EU governments reached a preliminary agreement on new reporting rules for large companies. The Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD) will make companies more accountable by requiring them to disclose their impact on humans and the planet. This aims to end greenwashing and lay the foundations for sustainability reporting standards … Read more

Umicore invests half a billion euros in new battery recycling plant in Europe – Companies

The materials group Umicore on Wednesday unveiled its strategic plan for the coming years. She sees opportunities to ‘more than double’ sales by 2030, Umicore said in a press release. The company also expects to invest around 5 billion euros by 2026, of which around half a billion euros in a new battery recycling facility … Read more

How the iconic makeup maker Revlon (yet) went down

The cosmetics company Revlon has grown up with nail polish, lipstick, creams and perfumes, but has been ill for years. Yet at the beginning of this year, it seemed for a while that the company, founded in 1932 in New York, might still be able to celebrate its hundredth year unscathed. Promising In early March, … Read more