Schunk sees 3D printing as a great addition to MIM technology

Batch size is the most important criterion in the trade-off between metal injection molding and 3D metal printing. That is the conclusion of the German supplier Schunk Group, which has both techniques in house. 3D printing is interesting for less than 100 parts. This makes 3D printing interesting for the manufacture of, for example, copper … Read more

Breaking through generational poverty: ‘Chaos in the head usually also means chaos in the house’

Children growing up in poverty often end up in a similar situation as adults. Tilburg researchers want to break through this vicious circle in the Strongest Schakel project. By using neuropsychological insights and intensive guidance, they help parents get a handle on the future. Starts in Waalwijk municipality. Dick van Engelen, Robin van Woensel, Marion … Read more

– Executive Finance

What is innovation and what does it mean for the finance function? Financial Media asked Stijn Ronsse, COO for CAPTURE & innovation specialist. “For me, innovation encompasses everything that revolves around innovation and that aims to create impact.” Innovation can be divided into incremental innovation, very small innovations and radical innovation. It is crucial for … Read more

How to import goods from EU countries

Marcel and Chantal van Dam from Wicotex BV tell in this article how they import products from other EU countries with their wholesalers. Market research and product requirements First, you use market research to determine if there is a need for the product you want to import. For your market research, you use, for example, … Read more