The software and internet services sector has the most expensive economic function

The software and internet services sector has the most expensive financial function. The industry spends at least twice as much as companies in the food and beverage sector, according to Gartner. As many finance functions are currently thinking about budgeting for next year and beyond, the market researcher uses an analysis to map finance function … Read more

More frequent and longer waiting times at customer service

AP NOS News•today, 08:54 “It’s busier than you’re used to from us.” “We ask that you call back at another time.” “Choose 1 for questions about current orders. For questions about invoices choose 2. For questions about…” Anyone who contacts a company, organization or institution must be more and more patient. A study by the … Read more

The better defensive equity strategy

What are defensive stocks? Previously, these were names such as Unilever, Ahold, Coca-Cola and Shell. You always have to eat, drink and drive. But is that still the case with the rise of online shopping, the energy transition and the war in Ukraine? Which stocks best protect investors in a bear market, like now, with … Read more

US to tax share buybacks. What are the consequences?

09 August 2022 Today at 20:34 From January 1, 2023, US companies pay a 1 percent tax on share buybacks. ‘This could have ended much worse,’ replies Belgian Insead professor Theo Vermaelen, an authority on share buybacks. Part of US President Joe Biden’s climate and investment plan approved by the Senate on Sunday is a … Read more

New cyber reality: ‘Country extortion’ and state-related hacktivism have the potential to disrupt society and everyday life

Check Point Research (CPR), the Threat Intelligence division of Check Point Software Technologies Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHKP), publishes its semi-annual overview of key cyber attack trends. Cyber ​​​​Attack Trends: 2022 Mid-Year Report shows how cyber attacks have intensified over the past six months and become a state-level weapon. The Check Point researchers also point to the … Read more

Fewer Belgians and Poles work as seasonal workers – Companies

In Belgium, and especially in Flanders, more Ukrainians and southern Italians will start working as seasonal workers this year. The number of Belgians and Poles continues to decrease. Eastern Europeans find good alternatives in their own country. The Belgian agricultural and horticultural sector needs 65,000 seasonal workers each year. The majority, 55,000 people, work in … Read more

Trump and his companies are under ‘at least 12’ investigations

EPA NOS News•today, 15:05 Last night’s search of Donald Trump’s villa appears to be related to an investigation into classified government documents that Trump allegedly took with him when he left the White House. What about this, what other investigations are going on with the former president and what lawsuits is he involved in? Trump … Read more

Biden’s tax plans passed by the Senate

The US Senate passed President Joe Biden’s economic package last Sunday. The package, worth a total of $430 billion, includes the introduction of a minimum corporate tax rate of 15% for large companies and a tax on share buybacks. Approval was preceded by eighteen months of difficult negotiations. The package passed by a 51-50 vote … Read more