Exclusive-Indian companies exchange dollars for Asian currencies to buy Russian coal

Reuters previously reported a major Indian coal transaction involving the Chinese yuan, but customs data underscores how non-dollar settlements are becoming common. India has aggressively increased its purchases of Russian oil and coal since the start of the war in Ukraine to help Moscow absorb the impact of the sanctions and allow New Delhi to … Read more

How to put cyber security on the map with management

Strengthen management’s cyber skills 4 August 2022 – The number of cyber lawsuits by corporate shareholders is increasing tremendously. For example, Capital One settled for $190 million, and a new lawsuit was recently filed against Ultimate Kronos Group for alleged negligence after a poor cybersecurity system was found to be the cause of a ransomware … Read more

Companies struggle to innovate because they cannot use data effectively

Research highlights the challenges of finding the right balance between innovation and cost reduction 2 August 2022 – Almost three-quarters (70 percent) of companies struggle to unlock the value of their data. This has a direct impact on their ability to innovate, say 100 C-level executives from Forbes Top 2000 companies in Europe, including some … Read more

In this time of layoffs and dissatisfaction: tips for retaining team members

To keep their current workforce engaged, companies need to be more agile than ever before July 11, 2022 † Have you been thinking about changing jobs lately? All over the world, companies have struggled to retain their team members. In the Netherlands, 76 percent of the working population has considered applying for another job. Leaving … Read more

Nervous staff, not bankers: Western companies are struggling to leave Russia

Companies have struggled with how to go about it in a way that mitigates financial consequences, does not endanger employees and in some cases allows them to return in the future. The Finnish coffee manager Rolf Ladau was one of the early pioneers. When Western governments began imposing sanctions on Russia following the invasion of … Read more

Analysis: Private equity swoop on listed European companies face increasing execution risks

Strong declines in the value of the euro and the pound, combined with the largest trading discounts for European equities against global peers since March 2009, have led to an increase in interest in acquisitions from wealthy buyout companies. Private equity-led bids for listed companies in Europe have hit a record $ 73 billion in … Read more

cluster analysis: characteristics of companies

What is it? Companies are usually classified on the basis of an internationally agreed classification (Standard Company Classification, abbreviated SBI), which characterizes the primary economic activity. This classification is often already very informative, but by looking at several company characteristics, companies can be understood even better. What do companies have in common and what sets … Read more

Businesses need to prepare for increased social unrest

The power of social media combined with political polarization fuels protest movements. June 17, 2022 † Businesses need to prepare for an increase in civil unrest as the cost-of-living crisis follows the Covid pandemic hard on its heels, according to insurance company Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). As trust in traditional sources of information … Read more

Gap between sustainability plans and action in most companies

Sustainability initiatives often fail with good intentions June 16, 2022 † Many companies face significant barriers to implementing sustainability initiatives. Problems include lack of communication and commitment from managers, inefficient use of data, silo technologies that do not share processes or information, and lack of cooperation and partnership between companies and industries. It shows a … Read more

Small number of companies with long-term problem debt

The results in this article do not mean that the corona crisis is the (only) cause of the debt burden. The corona crisis was used in this study to compare the debt burden between two times. Most companies rate their debt burden as lower or roughly the same as before the corona crisis. They mainly … Read more