Digitizing the customer journey is a top priority for Dutch companies

Fraud prevention, security and privacy are important to Dutch consumers when online 27 July 2022 – Experian presents its sixth annual Global Identity & Fraud Report. Here, Experian shares insights into how the use of technology helps to improve the customer experience. The report also examines the importance of anti-fraud measures to protect consumers as … Read more

Businesses need to prepare for increased social unrest

The power of social media combined with political polarization fuels protest movements. June 17, 2022 † Businesses need to prepare for an increase in civil unrest as the cost-of-living crisis follows the Covid pandemic hard on its heels, according to insurance company Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). As trust in traditional sources of information … Read more

Global companies warn of sluggish demand for China due to prolonged COVID restrictions

Car sales in the world’s largest car market have dropped dramatically, players are buying fewer consoles and people are reluctant to replace their existing smartphones, laptops and TVs as the ongoing COVID boycott undermines purchasing power and puts more people out of work. “Current blockades in China. coronaviruses. “We have very large cities that are … Read more