Late payment? ‘You are more critical when it is immediately withdrawn from your account’ | NOW

With persistent inflation and high energy prices, life is quite expensive. If you buy something online, it can be tempting to pay afterwards. But what dangers lurk? Suppose you buy a dining table online, of course you don’t yet know how the table looks in reality. Reason enough for Harriet Rikhof from Brunssum to subsequently … Read more

This will change for your wallet on July 1st | NOW

VAT on energy is temporarily lower, the minimum wage is rising (slightly), landlords are being allowed to raise rents and pensioners are getting something extra. From July 1, there will be some changes that will affect your wallet. We have listed the most important changes for you. 1. The minimum wage rises slightly The minimum … Read more

Is it a good idea to invest in ETFs? ‘Light threshold, but not without risk’ | NOW

You may have heard of people investing in ETFs. But what are these exactly? Why would you choose this? And what are the risks? Joost Schmets from the Association of Shareholders (VEB) and financial planner Ramón Wernsen explains. The number of private investors is still growing. The Dutch Financial Markets Authority (AFM) saw the number … Read more

Financial worries are rising: ‘If you’ve just done it, you’re in trouble now’ | NOW

A growing group of people are sounding the alarm about their financial situation, notes the information platform “People who have just made ends meet are now having problems. Expenditures are rising, but incomes are not growing together,” Frederieke Kokol said on behalf of Geldfit. “We get questions from all different types of target groups,” … Read more