How to put cyber security on the map with management

Strengthen management’s cyber skills 4 August 2022 – The number of cyber lawsuits by corporate shareholders is increasing tremendously. For example, Capital One settled for $190 million, and a new lawsuit was recently filed against Ultimate Kronos Group for alleged negligence after a poor cybersecurity system was found to be the cause of a ransomware … Read more

Businesses need to prepare for increased social unrest

The power of social media combined with political polarization fuels protest movements. June 17, 2022 † Businesses need to prepare for an increase in civil unrest as the cost-of-living crisis follows the Covid pandemic hard on its heels, according to insurance company Allianz Global Corporate & Specialty (AGCS). As trust in traditional sources of information … Read more

Technology is essential for onboarding customers

More and more online customers April 15, 2022 † In 2021, the number of online applications increased significantly, both for new and existing customers. This trend is primarily due to the corona pandemic as it led to a sharp drop in the number of physical appointments and the world became more and more digital. But … Read more