They gave a unique twist to a product that has been around for a hundred years NOW

You don’t necessarily need to create something revolutionary to be successful, say these entrepreneurs. You can also simply insert an existing product differently. How do you do it? Joep Verbunt from mattress company Matt Sleeps and Laurens Nolet from Roetz’s circular bikes explain. Many products were invented a century ago. It seems almost impossible to … Read more

Occupying vacancies in a tight labor market? How these companies succeed | NOW

In all sectors, companies have difficulty finding employees. There are currently 133 unemployed per 100 unemployed. Yet there are also companies that are still pretty easy to find people. The tech company OG Digital and the insurance company Achmea explain how they approach this. Staff shortages are a nationwide problem, but not all companies are … Read more

Circular entrepreneurship at NS: play table tennis on old train floors

Speakers, planters, glass walls, kitchens and even table tennis tables. It’s hard to imagine, but all these products are made from old trains. This won NS a sustainability award, but it does not stop there: Ilse de Vos-van Eekeren, head of circular business at NS, wants to change the world with circular entrepreneurship: “As NS, … Read more